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Anti-S Antibodies

Hello!  I recently have been seen by a fertility specialist and when she drew the normal blood work at my first appointment it came back that I now have anti-s antibodies.  I am assuming it was from the delivery of my son in 2012.  We are testing my husbands blood today and she has told us to hold off for now on TTC.  If anyone has any insight to this I would love to hear from you and your story.  Thank you!

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  • I have antibody E. It was past to me when I delivered my daughter in 2014. Depending on what antibody depends on the aggressiveness of the antibody crossing the placenta. They will do monthly blood work to check you titres or level of antibodies. If they start to rise, which usually happens later in pregnancy they may have to deliver the baby early depending on how far along. The baby is at risk for HDFN, hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn. Which ranges from jaundice to severe anemia that can be life threatening. They can monitor the babies hemoglobin (risk of anemia) through ultrasounds. There is a chance the baby you are carrying does not carry the antigen that will cause your body to increase its antibodies titres. So therefore no issue at all, or it will carry it and it will depend on your bodies response. I know with antibody E more often than not the outcome is good.. It's exactly like being Rh -, but with these antibodies there is no rhogam shot. Does that help?
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  • @sarah0632 I know you posted a while ago, but my blood work just came back and I have anti-E and anti-c. How often did your MFM check your titres? Just curious also as to how the rest of your pregnancy is going/went?
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