Pregnant after a Loss

surprise pregnancy (loss & living child mentioned)

Hi ladies, 

redirect me me if in on the wrong board, need a little vent.

I lost my first pregnancy early on & was pregnant immediately after, the 2nd pregnancy brought us my DD. She was/is healthy & wonderful. Now I just got a surprise in finding myself pregnant again! I'm a bit shocked. Had planned to give DD a sibling but this was a bit quicker than expected. (DD will be 22mo when baby comes...Irish twins) 

The he reason for this post: I'm nervous. I'm still only about 5 weeks have all the 'lovely ' symptoms but waiting for the 8week appt is driving me nuts! My fear is that I'll have first appt & find out this pregnancy isn't viable. 

Any my thoughts that might ease my impatience & hormonal craziness? 
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