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Asking for good vibes and prayers *update*

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So I am now 7w2d. We had an appointment last week aND say the little Thor with a tiny heart beat measures right at 6 weeks. Doctor said everything looked fine. 

Doc was on wed with an internal us. Thursday I got on the boat for a cruise with my mom (doc was okay with it) friday I had brown discharge and light pink discharge but the pink was only once. And since things has been normal. I have myself agreeing that it is just from the internal scan. 

I have had a few cramps but nothing to painful and nothing that last longer than a few mins. I do feels "pulling" if I lean the wrong way or something. But no more pink or brown discharge. 

My boobs still hurt. And I gag at random times. No food sounds good at all really. I am having to make myself eat. 

I have another appointment on Monday. And the closer it gets the more worried I am that they are going to tell me that there is not a heartbeat. 

Anyways just any good vibes you can send my way I would really love. 

Appointment went great. Measures 8w3d hr 157. Go back in 2 more weeks to see baby again :) thanks for all your prayers. 

Re: Asking for good vibes and prayers *update*

  • Sending good vibes to you! 
    I actually could have wrote that above paragraph myself, had some very light pink today followed by brown sticky discharge, my body and limbs are aching a bit and I've felt some sharp twinges in my right side... Symptoms are sore boobs, heartburn and bit of nausea when hungry! 
    I'm at same point as my loss last year, just so terrified x
  • @SonyaL9 sending good thoughts your way. 

    My other losses where at 8 weeks. So I am on pins and needles this week. I would feel better if I could get a blood draw or something to hold me over until Monday :(
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  • I had pink spotting once followed by 8 days of brown spotting. That was almost 6 weeks ago and everything is fine. I hope things turn out well for you as well. Fx for you.
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  • I am just thankful for everyday new day right now. I know whatever happens is out of my control. And I really hate that. I like control
  • Update on me.. Managed to get a scan today, I just called and asked for an appointment as I was feeling a bit scared etc and they were lovely! She said I was measuring at 5w2d which is bit earlier than the 6wks I thought but now I've done the maths again it does make
    sense if I got my positive at 9dpo, there was no heartbeat to see as too early but she couldn't see any reason for me to bleed further. Just said the spotting and back ache sounded like a bit of implantation an growing pains and that they'd see me in 10 days to check there's a heartbeat! 
    Gone away feeling hopeful and positive for the next two weeks :) xx
  • Sending positive vibes!! I've had spotting (pink and brown I think is normal - only need worry if it's red) and cramps too. Have my 13 week u/s next week so trying to keep positive. Good luck! Xx
  • I hate that you ladies had bleeding and a scare but it makes me feel better like it is normal. 

    Also today I throw my guts up for 30 mins. And that has given me a little peace of mind. I never thought I would pray to be sick. 
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