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Lets talk twin pregnancy care plans....

We found out for sure, we are having twins!  Single sac (cannot see a membrane yet, 9 weeks tomorrow), two babies.  My initial appointments were because of bleeding (I thought AF arrived, then got nauseous and tested.... so we had super early ultrasounds thanks to the bleeding) and were just with a midwife (much respect to MWs, but will be seeing an OB for all future appointments).  My first "official" OB appointment is Friday, where I'll get my pelvic and bloodwork done.  The MW I saw didn't "wow" me with her quick outline of how they care for twin pregnancies.... but I'm chalking that up to her just not knowing.... (?).

SO, tell me.... for either mo/mo or mo/di twins (since we aren't sure yet), what type of care did/are you receiving?  I assume I will be seeing a MFM specialist also, although the MW seemed unsure..... 

Any questions I should ask the OB for my initial appointment?  

If I'm not wow'd, or comfortable with his responses, I would need to start hunting for a new office.  This office delivered my 2nd baby, and I love them... but am I wrong in thinking that a twin pregnancy requires a whole different approach to monitoring?  

Thank you!
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Re: Lets talk twin pregnancy care plans....

  • Since I'm a FTM, I really have nothing to compare it too. However, I am seeing an OB whom I really like. During our ultrasound she was very thorough and spent extra time explaining how the next few months would go for me with twins. I don't expect every appointment to be like that, but this was our first meeting with her and she really took the time to listen and answer questions. I'm going to continue with my OB, who has delivered my multiple births, she won't refer me to a maternal fetal Doctor unless I have some issues that come up (I'm pretty healthy for the most part). If by chance that does happen then I would be going to a different hospital further away because mine does not have one on staff or a nicu to accommodate super early births. 
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  • I'm also a FTM, but what I like about my doctors is their honesty with everything that I'm dealing with.  In my first trimester I was pretty sick, and when I would call them because of whatever, they would get me in for a check up that very same day, sometimes within 30 minutes of the phone call.  One time I called them freaking out because I WASN'T feeling sick and thought something was wrong!  Never did they make me feel like I was crazy or that I was an annoying patient and always did their best to make me feel calmer.  That's something that I think is really important from a doctor.  That's just my two cents on that.

    In terms of care, at my first appointment they gave me an outline that was kind of like "we'll see you every 4 weeks until x weeks, then every 2 weeks until y weeks, and then at z weeks we'll see you once a week until birth", and also how things may be different from my friends who were having singletons (in terms of getting check ups and scans). They then referred me to an antenatal specialist after my first visit, and they too gave me a similar type of outline in terms of when I would have ultrasounds besides just the 12 and 20 week scans and what those ultrasounds were checking, and when I would begin stress tests and when I would go from seeing them every 6 weeks to every 4 weeks to twice a week until the babies are born.  It felt nice to have an idea of what to expect with appointments and things like that.  I'm not sure if that's what all doctors do, since like I said I'm a FTM, but I thought it was really nice.

    I don't know if any of that helps, but hopefully it did a little bit!
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  • I had di /di twins. However, the only difference between my singleton and twin pregnancies was the ultrasounds. With my twin pregnancy, I got one at every check up. With my son, I only got 3 total. They just do them more because it's the only way to measure growth with twins. I was on the same schedule as my first pregnancy and everything. 

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  • Congrats!! 

    I'm going through the hospital clinic (it's a different health system here). I looked into a private midwife and I was also underwhelmed by her experience with multiples (my student midwife following my case had had more experience with twin births!) but the MW through the clinic are excellent. 

    I've got di/di twins (29 weeks) but with mo/mo or mo/di twins I would want a really experienced OB. There are more things they need to look for and you should be getting very regular ultrasounds and blood tests (my ultrasounds were every 4 weeks from 12 weeks but it should be more with twins sharing a placenta).

    I hope this helps
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  • I am 16 weeks with di/di twins and see a perinatologist. I love that I get to see them every two weeks on ultrasound and how they have a whole team of nurses that just answer the phones all day. Which means no waiting for calls back (one of my main pet peeves with my primary care). I've also spent a few stretches in the hospital and they've been wonderful about having someone from their office come in and physically check on me each day I was in. Once in the middle of a horrible migraine I broke down crying because the on call doctor was so nice to me. Just make sure you have a good fit, and all will fall into place. 
  • Try not to panic, yours will most likely be mono di. The best time to view the membrane, which at its widest is only the width of a strand of hair is 12-16 weeks. At 16 weeks, or sooner you will need to start care with a MFM clinic and have ultrasounds every 2 weeks. These ultrasounds will keep a close eye on things that can crop up like TTTS. On Facebook there is an awesome group called MoDi twins that advocates for proper care during mono chorionic pregnancies. It is a fabulous group and full of tons of info and peer reviewed studies. Good luck with your pregnancy
  • Mine were di/di and I saw both an ob and MFM ... My MFM literally saved one of my twins lives. So I am very pro MFM. With mono/di I would demand to see an MFM ... Too many risks not to get all the care you can 
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