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Anyone have experience with Domperidone for low milk supply?

so my little one is almost three weeks old and my milk supply is still incredibly low. I've been pumping after feedings, taking fenugreek supplements, lactation cookies, tea, shakes ect and am still only getting about an oz per feeding. I met with my LC again today and she said outside of just continuing to supplement the other 2oz after feedings Domperidone is the only other option left (outside of just going straight to formula). It's not approved by the FDA which had me a little nervous but I've read people who have had great success...have any of you had experience with it? If so would you recommend it?

Re: Anyone have experience with Domperidone for low milk supply?

  • I've been taking it for 30days and I haven't noticed a big increase. I only get 1.5oz after pumping before or after a feed does matter either way. I am still bfing and supplementing and I will continue to do this for the duration of our bfing career. I know supplementing doesn't help but I have no option my DD needs to eat and I plan to feed her.
  • The best way to determine how much milk baby is getting is by doing a weighed feeding. Did the LC do that? Getting an ounce when pumping after a feeding at 3wks is great. Your supply is still building at this point. If baby is gaining weight and having enough wet/dirty diapers, then your supply is adequate. 
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    Are you outside of the US? The US just put a do not compound order on domperideone effective Jan 1st. You cannot get it anywhere here legally now
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