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First Haircut Photos

Post here! (There may not be many of us haha)

Re: First Haircut Photos

  • Glad you guys posted these. My LO s hair is so long and in his eyes but we were hesitant to cut it. We keep going back and forth about it. 
  • Oh ya if I had a girl I wouldn't cut it!
  • @7425cait I love your girl's hair. My LO was born with lots of dark hair but all but the top part rubbed off & it's getting much lighter.
  • @btm013 so cute! Exactly what I want for my little guy. We actually went yesterday night but the wait was 30 min, by then LO would have been cranky.
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  •  Still not much here yet, but he could stand to have a little trim around the ears. 
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  • I want hair so bad for LO. Very jealous.
  • Sammy K said:
    At the rate we're going, LO will be 3 before her first haircut!
    DD1 will be 3 on Monday and we haven't cut it yet! Ha! It's long now and might even be good to trim a bit...but she has the most beautiful curls and I'm afraid she won't have them after we cut it!



  • @kirasmart I wish I knew how to do hair. My LO is going to be stuck with high ponys & occasional pigtails for now!
  • DD is 4 and still hasn't had a haircut- I know I'm probably getting a lot of side-eyes but that's fine.  She has these beautiful natural curls and MIL told me that DH had curls when he was a baby and after he got his hair cut they never came back and I'm scared of the same fate for DD.  Her hair is pretty long so I know I'm going to have to get it trimmed eventually (most likely before she goes to pre-k in the fall) but LO might get a hair cut before she does!

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