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We are in North Phoenix and trying to find the best option for childcare when i go back to work, thankfully that's not until the end of March! I was going to get some opinions/reccomendations. We live off 7th street and the 101, I work at Tatum and cave creek, and he works at Paradise Valley Mall. Anywhere I this areas we would be interested! We are open to daycare centers, nannys, whatever at this point. Thank you!!!

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    Hi there! We are up near Cave Creek & the 101, so not too far from you. We've only looked at daycare centers, not nannies or in-home care:

    • Tutor Time (40th St & Bell, although there are other nearby locations) - pretty decent facility but one of the most expensive. Playground was a little on the sad side. Open the latest of all the options we looked at (6:30pm).
    • Valley Childcare & Learning Center (32nd St & Union Hills, also has other locations) - cheapest option by far and includes diapers and food, but we were not impressed at all with the tour or facilities. One of the infant caregivers did not seem very interested in being there or comforting the babies. They do have a location right by PV mall, and you might have better luck at that one. You only pay for the days you attend here, which would have been a huge benefit if the facility/caregivers had been better.
    • KinderCare (Desert Ridge location) - very nice facility in the middle of a neighborhood, great playground, secure check-in, everyone we met who worked there seems very invested in the kids. This was the most expensive option, but they do have different options for attendance (3 days per week, half days, etc). They closed the earliest, at 6, which would have been cutting it close for us some days especially given traffic around that area.
    • Explorers in Learning (Tatum & Union Hills) - facility was comparable to KinderCare, but less expensive each month by about $200 for infants. They only enroll infants full time - you pay the full time rate even if your child is only part-time, until they are a year old. Kids over a year can enroll part time and pay a lesser amount. This is the one we ended up choosing although we haven't started there yet.
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