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Allergies to Family Pet

Has anyone elses little one started showing signs of allergies to your cat/dog?  My daughter has started developing a rash, and some congestion over the last week.  The first doctor said it looks like allergies, likely to our dog but they can't be sure.  They prescribed a topical cream, which my daughter then reacted to.

I brought her in again, and was told that I could manage the rash by applying a mild lotion to prevent itch (she keeps rubbing at it . . . it's on her eyelid/under her eye and on her upper lip).  It was still there a few days later, so I brought her to a different practitioner for a second opinion.

All have told me that lots of babies react to a family pet, and it usually takes repeat exposures to show, which is why we are seeing it at 11 weeks.  They also told me that most children adapt and get used to it, while a small amount go on to develop respiratory symptoms.

I was advised to keep her away from the dog, use an air purifier, wash any bedding/clothing, close bedroom doors, use a humidifier, use a saline spray, vaccum and damp dust daily, brush the dog daily and wash him weekly . . . which I've been doing and am willing to keep doing if this is only temporary and will pass.

Can any other moms share your experiences?  Especially if you are second time mom and have been there done that!  Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

(And yes, if the rash worsens or she develops and respiratory problems we will be right back to the doctors office . . . I'm more so looking to see if anyone elses child has experienced the same and it got better . . . and if so, how long did it take?)

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Re: Allergies to Family Pet

  • Since you don't have any better answers, yet...

    I don't know about baby allergies, but I do have experience developing immunities to specific animals. I used to do a lot of pet sitting as a kid, and I am highly allergic to cats. I remember one couple left for two weeks one summer and I was watching their three cats. Because they had so many, ten minutes inside that house would have me sneezing and my eyes burning the rest of the day. But by the end of the two weeks, I wasn't reacting anymore, and didn't even react when I watched them the next summer, until they got a fourth cat.

    All that to say, it is possible for the allergy to go away, but if it does, I would still limit time around other people's animals.
  • We are not experiencing this with our dog. However, I have a coworker whose toddler has pet allergies and asthma. She said the allergist told her that most often cat allergies are to their dander and dog allergies are to their saliva. Does your dog gives kisses to you LO? 
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  • Bump. I have no experience but would like to see what advise you get!
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