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southern us states and zika

Hello, we are planning on TTC  #3 next month. We live in Louisiana and I'm pretty worried about possibly being pregnant this summer as the virus is expected to progress into the US, specifically the southern states. I'm almost considering TTA if not KU by April so I wouldn't be in the first trimester during the summer. Anyone else having this problem? Is this overly causious or too risky?

Re: southern us states and zika

  • Following. I'm in the same situation. I live in SC and we are travelling to southern FL next month. We have lots of mosquitos here and they LOVE me. I always get bitten. I am considering putting off TTC as well, I'm just not sure what to do right now.
  • Ugh, I know. I'm 35 and my kids are already 5 and 3 so I'm really not liking the idea of waiting due to my age and increasing the kids' age gap. I was hoping to get on with it so I wouldn't be in the first trimester during the summer but it sounds like they're not even sure if it's also problematic in the second. I'm not sure what to do at this point.
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  • Hi,  
    We are also planning on trying for #3 in the next month or so and this Zika virus has thrown a total wrench in our plans.  We have a trip booked for Turks and Caicos in July and a wedding in New Orleans in May. 

    I spoke with my high risk OB and she advised that I still go but just be really cautious and use tons of bug spray with DEET.  

    Have you spoken with your OB?  I am curious what they are saying for patients in the South.

  • I am in this same boat. I'm 37, TTC #2, and live in AL. I was planning to see my OB to discuss the fact that we haven't conceived yet but now I'm wondering if we need to wait but waiting basically will mean no more kids because I'm also freaked out by having a baby after 40. Appt on Monday, I'll let you all know what mine says. 

    Also, my DH claims if I get KU he'll force me to wear mosquito netting for the next 9 months. I think he's serious. 
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  • Yeah, I live in New Orleans and I can tell you it is mosquito city during the summer. It's actually only bad in the evenings and night but the zika mosquitos are apparently "day biters". I haven't talked to my ob yet because I don't want to seem crazy about a virus that isn't hete yet but trying to make these futur plans is freaking me out. I know they're not going to say, "don't get pregnant" but the more I read, it seems like a very scarey risk. And worse of all, it doesn't really get cool here until Dec or jan. There are still mosquitos into nov here.
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    i also live in south Louisiana and there is always mosquitos.  I'm just wearing bug spray when being outside on the evenings and having DH spray the yard. He usually does this already because my neighbor has chickens and we use it to kill fleas for the dog. But since it also kills mosquitos he'll spray it in the front and backyard. I see my ob Friday and will ask his opinion as well. 

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