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Just for fun...what would your child/children's name be if you had to name them after your cravings? My first son would affectionately be named corndog and the new little peanut as of now would be named soft pretzel :) Hoping for another boy since I seem to be craving so much salt!

Re: Cravings

  • First name Eggs middle name Over and last name Medium. 
    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

  • Golden Grahams...kinda has a ring to it! 
  • Hershey Pickles 

    (no relation to Tommy)
  • Cheeseburger...cheeseburger.  :)
  • tacos !!!!!! 
  • Melted Cheese (first and middle name :) )
    Married: 3/21/15
    First time mom to a human but have been a puppy mamma for over 12 years :)

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  • Dill Pickle Spear...would have been Pizza And Coke with DD.
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  • Goldfish Crackers Chocolate. Sounds rich hehe.

    Little guy born in September 2016
    Next little one due June 2019

  • DD - Dude Food (all I wanted was stuff like hot wings and carbs)
    DS - Pickles N Meat
    #3 - Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Piper, 4/10/10
    Connor, 3/16/15
    Morgan, EDD 9/22/16

  • Chili Dog Key Lime Pie French Fries Ice Cream. That's a long strange name. Poor kid. 
    TTC #1 - Started 7/2015
    MC #1 - 1/10/2014
    MC #2 - 10/15/2015

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  • Lol! My first pregnancy would've been Buffalo Sauce Bleu Cheese broccoli cheddar soup apple cider!

    This one so far is: Cheesy Broccoli mac and cheese lol! 
  • Mine are awful.  My first would have been French Toast Sticks and my second would have been Hot Dogs  :s

    No cravings so far this time around.
  • I'm still too sick to have cravings for this one yet, but DD would have been Taco Bell.

  • Chocolate Milk!!! this started a couple of days ago... I must have chocolate milk all the time. I usually love my coffee and tea. Now they gross me out. 
    Me:35, DH 37  ~ Married July 2014
    ttc July 2015 ~ bfp Nov 2015 (cp)
    bfp Dec 2015 ~ (tfmr 17wk, March 2016, genetic disease)
    ttcal May 2016
  • Today's cravings: Swiss cheese. 
    Of all things. 
  • Today the baby would be named Cacio e Pepe. Can't. Get. Enough! 
  • DS would be rootbeer float
    no real cravings yet for this one 
  • DS would have been Limey Avacado. 

    This baby is Blueberry Orange. 

    So odd. 
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  • DD would be Key Lime and currently is Cheese Burger - but I am sure that will change! 
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