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Ticker change posts starting tomorrow?

Just wanted to check in with the board, and see if we were still planning to switch tomorrow from daily check-ins to ticker change check-ins? For those unfamiliar, your ticker change day is whatever day of the week that you start a new week in your pregnancy. For example I will be 10 weeks on Wednesday, so Wed is my ticker change day, and I will only check in on that day's thread.
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Re: Ticker change posts starting tomorrow?

  • Sounds good to me!

  • Excellent, yes please!
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  • I wish we would keep the daily a little longer.  I can see how not much will change from day to day at the time goes on but I'm still in my 5th week and would really like it till week 7 or 8.  Would anyone else still not as far along think they would also like to keep doing it and stop when they reach week 8?

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  • I don't see any harm in keeping them longer for those who still want to check in daily. Maybe we could change the questions/format or possibly have a daily randoms thread? That way you could post whatever you wanted with no specific format including symptoms/questions/rants/raves/gifs.
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  • I want to ascertain we all know what "ticker changes" are. Or should we just remind people as they post? Since I'm thinking many will continue to post daily for a while. 
  • I'm ok either way. I prefer ticker change but am fine if people want to continue the daily posts. 
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  • I'm in and I can do Wednesdays!
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  • We can do ticker changes and a daily symptom thread, maybe? We also didtd daily appointment threads for people to post updates on appointments and such on my last BMB. Just some ideas. I'll take Tuesday ticker changes :)

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  • I'll do Monday's! :) 
  • I'd be happy to do Thursdays!  :smile: 
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  • I much prefer a ticker change. I really don't see the need to check in every day of the week. It goes like this. Monday I puked. Tuesday I puked. Wednesday I puked. Thursday I puked, then I ate some ice cream. Or I could just tell you on Sunday when my week changes. ;)


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