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Car seat anxiety

please. Feel free to bash me. I'm open to any criticism or bashing that will help me ensure bub is safe in this thing. I dread taking her out because I have such anxiety about car seats and whether or not she's in it correctly...can she she comfortable. It makes me sick!! Right now we only go out if I can sit in the back and constantly check her. 

Is is she in there right?? What can I do to keep her head from flopping like that when she's sleeping? Any advice or guidance is welcomed!! 

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Re: Car seat anxiety

  • We bought a gadget that goes in the car seat that prevents her head from moving. It keeps it straight.  Can't think of what it was called but they have them at buy buy baby or babies r us.
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  • In addition to what @holocene put greatly, the items hanging from the car seat are considered a no no as they can fly off if in a collision. They also can make LO motion sick from watching them away. 
    Check into a car seat tech in your area, they check installations for free and explain safe car seat usage (like making sure the bar is properly positioned when in the car - it should be fully up or fully down and about an inch from the backside of the passenger seat so if there is a collision it doesn't compromise the safety). They'll also check your seat against lists of recalls etc. in my area a few police departments and fire departments have licensed techs, you just call to make an appointment when they are working!
  • Thanks ladies! I've requested to join the car seat for littles group on Facebook. I'll try the receiving blanket trick next time and I always do the pinch test...she's good there. Except those damn twisted straps. Gotta stay on top of that. Thank you!!

     I'm dreading the day I have to take her out in the car by myself. Ahhh! i appreciate your kind advice. 

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    The other ladies have already given great advice.  I just want to add to check your carseat manual for how to position the handle.  The seat I had for DS had to have the handle all the way down when the seat was in the car, the one I have now can be left in any locked position. 
  • It almost looks like the chest buckle is a little low as well, it should be armpit height. The correct height helps to secure the chest properly in an accident. But definitely I would make an appointment with a car seat safety  check,
    here you can look up places in your area that do inspections. 
    I want to add that I have similar anxiety about being alone in the car with my girl too. Every time we've gone anywhere I've sat in the back seat next to her, but daddy goes back to work tomorrow and I know there's errands I need to run next week and her peds appointment on Friday. I'm just dreading those car trips. I swear I'll drive like a grandma........and avoid freeways luckily I can! Keep calm! You're doing great, it's good to ask questions when concerned! 
  • I have to take my LO to the doctor tomorrow, it's her first time being in the car seat except for her ride home from the hospital. I have the same anxiety plus I'll have to drive. I'm so nervous
  • I'm not too happy about my car seat positioning either :/ I did adjust the buikt in head support higher up which seemed to help because it was too low pushing her head forward.  It also seems that my back seat seems to be too much of a bucket seat causing her to sit too inclined. From what I have read you can use a couple of blankets to prop the back up to even her out 
  • Our car seat has a newborn insert to use up to 11 pounds. 
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