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Are you expecting?

So I'm 2 weeks postpartum and a new neighbor came over to introduce herself and said,  "I can see you're expecting." She walked away embarrassed and I walked away feeling pretty terrible as well.  I know this happens and it's something I should laugh about but it hurt.  Has this happened to anyone else? 

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  • Eh, don't feel hurt, you had a baby 2 weeks ago! It is completely normal to still look about 5 months pregnant!  I haven't had any comments like that, but I haven't been out much in the past 1.5 weeks since I had my baby, and if I was out I had my baby with me so people probably knew better than to ask that.
  • I haven't really been out enough for this to happen, but I definitely look pregnant still and am positive other people would think so. I know it just takes time so I wouldn't be offended if someone said something like that. It's an honest mistake and our bodies just need time.
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  • Yup. Was at CVS 3 days post partum and the checkout lady asked when I was due.
  • In almost two weeks pp and I look pregnant still too. I think its very rare for one not to! Our uterus' are still shrinking. Don't let it bother you! You just had a baby! 
  • 4 weeks pp - I have a bump 
  • I think what set me off the most is that he obviously knows we have a 2 week old baby and that clearly, I'm not pregnant. SO says he was likely joking. Either way, ouch man. Not cool. 
  • @BarrettJ89 Not cool at all! I wouldn't be able to contain my anger.

    I'm convinced this will happen to me nonstop after the baby comes. I'll just have to get over my anxiety about it happening. Sh*t happens...
  • Yes my pedicure  lady doing my nails for 5 years I clearly  told  I will come after 2 weeks  after  my baby born when I did showed up after 2 weeks  pp she again  asked  me  when u are due... ahhh
  • 3 or 4 days after having DS when I was feeling so great and skinny compared to ginormous pregnant belly I saw my 3 year old niece for the first time since the birth and she met the baby and then came over to me and poked my belly and asked "do you have another baby in the belly?" Everyone burst out laughing but I so wanted to cry. At least she's a toddler and doesn't know better, if it had been a family member... They would have lost some teeth or have a very sore nose! That's ridiculous 
  • Thank you ladies!  I especially appreciated some of the other stories. I knew it wasn't uncommon to hear that but I sure wasnt expecting it from a stranger on my sidewalk. It helps me to laugh with other women who have gone through it too.
  • 4 weeks and still have a small bump also



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