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Weight and Pregnancy

I'm looking for some resources regarding healthy eating and weight gain during pregnancy.   I've struggled with my weight all of my adult life and recently got back down to a healthy weight.  I want to get pregnant in the next few months, but I'm concerned about excessive weight gain during pregnancy.   I want to research the proper amount of calories, healthy fats, fiber, protein and other nutrients that are required for a baby to develop properly, but will not contribute to excessive weight gain.   I want to be healthy during and after the pregnancy.  

Does anyone know of any good, reputable books or websites on the subject.  

Re: Weight and Pregnancy

  • The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy pregnancy gets positive reviews on TB, and includes a chapter on nutrition. 

    A good place to start would be with your OB, who, once you get pregnant, will have their own recommendations for you. They'll do basic bloodwork, which will include testing for iron, an important nutrient. My clinic even had a handout available on nutrition during pregnancy.
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