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Anybody else constipated??

I haven't been able to eat as many veggies and healthy foods since I had been battling some morning sickness and got pretty backed up because of all of that.  Things are finally back to normall after drinking almost a whole bottle of prune juice in 3 days and some Miralax.  I really want to avoid this from happening again but looking for suggestions from others who have been able to battle this without drinking prune juice!!  We talked to the dr about it and he said he didn't want me on too many meds so increase water intake, miralax and veggies.....

Re: Anybody else constipated??

  • Mine was hardcore in the very beginning, but has since tapered off. Hope yours does the same! 
  • Same issues here. Avoiding bulky foods and upping water but it's still a pain the rear *pun intended* ha, fingers xx
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  • Does your prenatal vitamin include iron? You can switch to an iron-free supplement until later in the pregnancy.
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  • It comes and goes for me...
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  • I've been battling with very bad constipation almost since the day I got my BFP. I also drink prune juice but I've found a system that works for me. Just make sure to eat even a little bit of fiber with each meal. For me, I've been so nauseous that I can't stomach much so I've been eating a lot of mashed potatoes with the skin left on or whole wheat bread with cheese; you can also have a yogurt like Activia for dessert (it's all about timing of when you eat fiber in relation to the food). If you eat something like crackers or pizza, there's no fiber and your digestive system will slow down even more and you'll also get more gassy. If I eat pizza, for example, I follow it up with 1/4 cup of prune juice. Just to make sure there's a little bit of fiber with each meal to move things along. With my "system", I'm not 100% regular but I've successfully gotten rid of the terrible constipation pains and gas cramps I had been getting. You might not be able to get rid of constipation completely aa it's a result of your hormones but I hope you can find some middle ground. 
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  • Yes!! I hate it...I dread trying to go to the bathroom...I've been trying to up my fruit and veggies but nothing sounds appealing...and nothing had helped yet! 
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    What always helped me (pregnant or not) is warm prune juice and melted butter. You melt a tiny amount of butter- maybe 1/4tsp or so- once it's melted add a cup of prune juice and warm it only until room temp. Make sure to drink tons of water after! It'll get things goin', I promise!

    **insert smiley poop emoticon** ;) 
  • Can you eat fruit in lieu of veggies to help with the fiber? I'm having the opposite problem - loose stool - as I have minimal nausea. 
  • Colace is safe for pregnancy. I take zofran occasionally, and I'm also taking extra calcium for an unrelated medical issue. Both cause constipation, so the colace helps keep things moving.

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  • thanks ladies for all of the suggestions!! now that I've switched the anti nasuea meds up, I'm feeling better and like I can eat fruits and veggies again, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get back on track!
  • I'm with you, girl. Try fruit & moving --- exercise can really help. 
  • @ElcaB- I would love to work out but I'm SO busy with work and night classes and trying to keep my sanity that I have not had any free time to really do much of anything except on the weekends.....I actually have somewhat debated on dropping the night classes now that things are looking in a positive direction with a recent job promotion/possibility I took because I have wanted to be able to have a healthy pregnancy and work out the whole time I was pregnant and I haven't done anything since we got our BFP.
  • I'm in the same boat. And now, my blood work came back that I'm anemic (I think my body hasn't recovered from a miscarriage last year) so I have to take iron pills. NOT looking forward to that. I'm thinking of taking Miralax along with the iron pills, just in case. 
  • Ask your doctor about probiotics. I've always had tummy issues and after I got pregnant they got worse. I was incredibly bloated and felt awful. I asked about probiotics and was given the all clear to take them. I use the generic Equate brand and get it at Walmart. After three days in a row I was back to normal.
  • I was taking a probiotic before I got pregnant and then I stopped because I didn't know if they were ok to take or not and the "advice nurse" at my dr office said to bring them in for the dr to see and I forgot.  But, I have found that a daily dose of prune juice and miralax have been really helping.  I'm also trying to increase fiber intake and fluid intake.  I'm loving some Gatorade right now!! although I dilute a small one with water so I don't drink a whole Gatorade in one sitting.
  • I'm in this boat too. I never thought I would miss pooping daily. And when I finally do it's little hard round ones, the worst! When I finally have a good one, it's like instant relief! No one tells you how good that will feel lol! Pregnancy is so weird! My bestie swears by Colace and eating prunes. I'm reluctant, I don't love prunes, but at this point I'm willing to try anything!

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  • My go to is tomato juice, DH thinks it's gross but I love it.  I bought the high fiber one and it really seems to be helping, with no harsh side effects. 
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  • I have a pre-existing GI problem (small intestine bacterial overgrowth... aka constipation has always been a normal part of life for me). Citrucel helps me, personally (different type of fiber than other supplements like Benefiber)., It's all about finding what works for you. Some prefer Miralax, which is what my OBGYN recommends. Diet can help a ton, but there's nothing wrong with trying one of these to find something that helps you.
  • Ladies, I have the magic solution. This is my third pregnancy and constipation is always one of my first clues I'm preggo. I mean bad, like maybe every 2 weeks no matter what I eat, stool softners, miralax, etc. A few months ago I asked my husband to bring me home some detox tea and he accidentally brought me "smooth move". I thought, what the heck, I'll try it. This tea is amazing, like clock work. Drink the tea before you go to bed and 12 hours later make sure you're near a toilet. I wasn't pregnant yet but I always have this issue when I travel. Brought some along, works like a charm! Have turned my mom and a few friends on to it and it works! And it's all natural, just herbal tea! I've found it at walmart and pretty much any grocery store. Just don't over do it!
  • @kknoll59 what's in it though? There are a ton of restrictions on common herbal tea ingredients... 
  • ays the active ingredient is senna leaf. I spoke with my doctor about this and she said it's fine in moderation...definitely not something that should be used daily. She said it's better than not having a BM for 2 weeks and hemorrhoids to kill as a result. For some people it can cause cramping.
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