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GD moms:midnight snack

hi everyone: I'm still trying to get my fasting am levels under control. The dr said to try a midnight snack around 3am. It worked one night but this morning my level was 91. I did a graham cracker with PB for my pre-bed snack and then a glass of milk at 3am. Does anyone have any ideas or ways to get fasting levels down? Tonight's my last chance.

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  • This is the one number I have a problem with also. My dr started 1000mg of metformin 2 weeks ago. He said it usually takes 2000 to get a good result. I see him again this morning. So frustrating. 
  • Sometimes diet isn't enough to control your numbers.  Greek yogurt worked well for me most of the time.  But even that would stop giving me good numbers if my meds needed to be increased.
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  • What is the goal for your fasting? My doc wants 95 or less, so your numbers would technically be okay. Also, milk is really high in sugar, so I'm not sure what woulda been a great choice of snack. Is there a reason you're not doing a protein for a late snack if the goal is lower sugars?
  • Try high protein and a carb, nuts and yogurt, perhaps. If you want milk, try Fairlife brand. It's high protein, half the carbs.
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     Nuts, string cheese, beef jerky, hard boiled egg...your snacks are all carb which is going to up your numbers, try higher protein options...I always followed the under 15 carbs for a snack rule
  • Not snack related, but in case it helps, last night I exercised at night after dinner instead of in the morning and my blood sugar has been way down all day.  
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