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Oops this should have gone in BF Q&A sorry!!

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Hey all! LO is 4 weeks old.  My breastfeeding (and postpartum) journey has been rough - lots of anxiety and depression that was pretty debilitating the first two weeks. Im finally trying to commit to a BF plan for a week to see if I can get anywhere. I would love advice on a plan I was given. The clinic is closed this weekend so I can't call in with my question. 

I am supposed to try nursing him for 5 minutes a side, and then after that I am to pump for 10 minutes (both sides) and top him up as needed. Now she said feed on demand, but he has been sleeping quite a lot today! It's one thing if he wasn't getting topped up from a bottle... He would be demanding much more! But because we know he's getting a certain amount, I shouldn't force him to feed again until he's ready right? But then will I fall behind because I have to wait to pump after I nurse him... What if I don't get enough pumps in? If I pump in between feeds as well then I'm risking not having milk available to nurse him right or no? My supply is OK - he has had breast milk (mainly in bottles) only for at least a week - but definitely not able to build a freezer stash! 
so many questions and not even sure they make sense!! Sorry!! Any input appreciated. 

Re: Oops this should have gone in BF Q&A sorry!!

  • He will wake when he is hungry, unless he is losing weight I wouldn't wake him. 
    He should be a good nurser by now so he might be more efficient and not take as long to empty a side or be taking more nursing and require less from u pumping and bottle feeding each time. My baby goes between 3-5 hours between times she eats, just depends on the time of day. That being said....

    Breastfeeding is supply and demand. If u pump and then he wakes to eat a while later, he will signal ur body to make more. I built in 2 pumps extra a day to build my supply for freezer and baby still nurses 7-8 times a day. Just make sure u are pumping the number of times he eats a day plus how ever many extra you decide (1-2). This will ensure that your supply gets built for him and for the freezer . Good luck. 
  • Are you doing this because your little one is not gaining weight? Or are you trying to increase your supply? If your little one needs to gain weight I was advised to wake mine every 2.5-3 hours for a feed if she didn't wake on her own. Good luck!!
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