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I am 6 weeks. I am bleeding. Brown. Not red. I have cramps. The doctor said to wait it out. There's no way to tell what will happen. I am scared. Has anyone  been through this and had a healthy baby? If so, what happened?

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  • If it's brown then it's old blood. Red it when to worry. FX that all is okay 
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  • This happened to me last pregnancy, I did deliver prematurely at 22 weeks but it had nothing to do with that. I know many women who have had the same issue and went on to deliver healthy babies. The only thing you can do really is just wait as your doctor said. Try to remain calm and rest as much as possible. Hope everything works out! 
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  • I had brown and sometimes pinkish spotting with my DS for about a week after my BFP. After that, the spotting stopped and the rest of my pregnancy was fine! He's now a happy and healthy 2 year old. My doctor said brown blood is ok but if it's red that can be cause for concern. Fx everything is ok and the bleeding stops soon! 
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  • I had brown around 8 weeks with my first. He is contentedly sleeping in his crib :)

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  • I had it with DS initially and again later on in 1st try after running. DS is perfect. 

    Not to say it couldn't mean something, but at this point nothing can be done so your doc is on target. I, too, had some brown discharge earlier this week and I'm still pregnant. I am also anxious about it.


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  • Happened with my first several times. It was scary but she's 5 now. Wishing you the best! :)
  • I had brown spotting two weeks ago (when I was 6 weeks and some days) I was surprised because I thought if I'd spot it would be earlier on. I went to the doctor and everything was fine -- he did let me check for a heartbeat again (I had literally just been to see him a few days before) because I think he knew I was driving myself nuts. Try to rest and stay calm -- I know easier said than done. 
  • I had some last pregnancy. Pregnancy was fine.
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