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Milk stash question

I EP and have been since we came home. I pump twice what he needs and he is 5 weeks Monday. That being said I have a huge freezer stash a,ready. My question is since that the milk changes as he grows will my milk still be good to him in a few months if I decide I'm done pumping, or need to do it less or whatever the case maybe? Since the milk is only one month old say come month 6 will it still satisfy him? 

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  • You can always see if you have a milk bank in your area and donate the milk. Simple screening process and usually multiple donation drop off locations. :)
  • Your frozen milk will satisfy your baby in 6 months.  The only issue I can think of with keeping milk frozen that long is that it should only be stored in a freezer for 6 months tops.  If you have a deep freezer it can keep for up to a year. 
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  • You should be fine giving baby the milk as long as it's good, yes as the baby gets older generally the calorie/ fat content of your milk goes up so if you are feeding your 4 month old milk you pumped when she was 2 months she may take in more ounces to get the calories she needs than if you give her milk you pumped that same day.
  • Are you planning to stop pumping completely and feed baby only the frozen milk? If I remember correctly, my LC said the milk was fine although she wouldn't recommend using it exclusively. As in, milk pumped at one month old would be fine for a 6 month old but she would try to not feed them ONLY the milk for the one month old. Does that make sense? Ask a local LC to be sure. 

  • Yes it will. I had a huge stash when I went back to work the last time. I was nervous about that so what I did was use one bag of the frozen milk each day along with other milk I pumped more recently. This allowed for it not really to effect calorie of milk ect. 
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    I'm not sure if I will stop completely or keep going. Right now it's working for our family( also Have a 3 yr old) so I'm just going month to month. But if I do stop will this milk be enough or will I have to supplement ? I like the idea of one bag frozen and the rest pumped. Honestly the upkeep is a lot so I am hoping to drop a pump or 2 soon and I'm sure that would affect my supply. Just nervous to do so this early. He is 5 weeks tomorrow. And I can start using some of it now too to keep the process moving along as well. Thank you for the responses! 
  • I have been having issues with my supply and being able to pump. I know it's stress related and not eating/drinking properly. Anyway I have been very depressed about this as I EBF and have like no milk ready for when I go back to work. Long story short. My neighbor has a 4 month old and has been producing enough milk for like babies! She is a stay at home mom so she doesn't need the milk she pumps so she donated some to a friend of hers as well as myself! It may be weird to some but I am truly grateful!  
  • @tfrangul not weird, you should check out Human Milk 4 Human Babies on fb. Each state has a group of women who donate/ask for donations. It's possible if your neighbor doesn't want to do long term donation that you can find someone on there!
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