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  • @scornwell717 so sorry about the loss of your pup! The pictures are amazing though! 
  • Thank you @kwentela cancer sucks :cry: 
  • @scornwell717  - So sorry about Jackson - such a handsome, sweet doggie!  At least you have those photos to treasure.
  • @scornwell717  - So sorry about Jackson - such a handsome, sweet doggie!  At least you have those photos to treasure.
    Thank you, I most certainly do! Though I do wish he stuck around long enough for her to remember him. He was only 8 :(
  • @scornwell717 I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog. I can't imagine.... 

    Here is my Bentley and little Elizabeth 

  • My Chewy with "his baby" Will. It's so sweet to see how much he loves him. Our other pup, Finn, is not quite as interested in the little one who took his place as baby of the family. 
  • My girls, Lulu and Sloane. ❤️
  • Liam and Turq love tummy time!!

  • my dogs and baby Octavia

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  • Moose puppy and his little sister Leah :) Yes, we are moderately crazy for doing the puppy/baby combo, but moose is so in love with her, it's totally worth it. Not pictured: grumpy old man dog Koda that dislikes crying and farting babies, so he mostly avoids her for now. 
  • 2 of our 5 cats, Fangs (black and white) and Tiger. The other three won't come near her and this is the first time Fangs actually let her touch him without running away terrified. Tiger is just a lover and has had no problems with her. 
  • This is the closest he'll get. He's not a fan. 
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  • I love this thread! Harper and her hound, Blue. She was a little jealous of Harper's tummy time mat, so she thinks when Harper's not on it, it's hers :)

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  • Cedar and his trusty sidekick Winnifred! This is pretty standard. She loves to sit with him any time he is on the floor and let's him kick her in the face. She also loves the taste of stinky boy toes :)
  • That is adorable!
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