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Hello, Everyone!

Since recently joining the TTGP board this month, I've noticed all these TTW threads, but not a single one included what all acronyms mean even though some are not listed on The Bump Community Glosary. Therefore and before posting this, I've searched the site (and other pregnancy sites as well) thoroughly looking for a little guide that would help noobs like me and anyone in general understand how this works, but didn't find one. So after digging around for answers and finding them scattered all over the place, I decided to put them all here at once so when your TWW time comes you too can engage without feeling confused or stupid, or worse, not participate because you don't know what to say. :smile: 

Ready? Here we go!

TTW (2WW):
Two-week wait until time to take pregnancy test (approximately 14 days after ovulation). So once your TWW ends, it's time to do the TWW Friday/Saturday/Monday etc. threads which consist of asking the following things:

Month/Cycle & 
Month(s): Number of months you have been TTC.
Cycle: Number of menstrual cycles (fertility window) where you have been TTC. 
CD: Cycle Day, DPO: Days Past Ovulation.

You probably see a lot of this: -3, -2, -1, 2, 3, etc.  The numbers with minuses represent the days that you TTC prior your ovulation days - which are the most fertile days.  And single numbers represent the ones that fall right on your actual ovulation days. A great way to find out these days is by using an Ovulation Tracker app. like Ovia or Fertility Friend. 

Whether you have tested (with a PT/HPT) or not, or when you're planning on doing it. Here you can also disclose your BFP and BFN news, and any thoughts you might have regarding the testing topic. 

Rave, Rant and Chart Stalk(s). This is what most people had trouble figuring out what it means (including myself). Here's your chance to say anything you want about the process of your TCC/TWW journey, and if you'd like, discuss your Menstrual/Ovulation Chart - and/or share your chart images.

Getting To Know You is followed by random questions to make things fun, and of course, learn about you in a more personal way!

I hope this helps everyone, especially my fellow newbies here who like me are still trying to adjust to forum talk using all these abbreviations.

Happy TTC time to all of you lovers of new human life!

P.S. If you find a mistake, or something that does not make sense or it's not accurate, please feel free to jump in and help making this as precise as possible. Moderators; if you feel this thread is not necessary, delete and/or direct us to the right place where TWW info guide is available, like I said, I didn't find one, hence I decided to post this, so I apologize in advance if I created a double thread with this one. Thank you! :)

Edit: Correcting typos.
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Re: Engaging In The 'TWW' Threads

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  • Thanks ladies for the speedy feedback and welcome!  Frankly, I was just trying to help in bona fide, but it seems it's not necessary. Sorry, MY MISTAKE, I'm so embarrassed :s .  Hopefully a moderator deletes this thread asap as it is really pointless after all.  
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  • LINDSEYRVA  Thank you so much for your kindness. We need more of that!  Happy vibes your way, Lindsey! :)
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  • NamelessAria Thank you for understanding, I appreciate it so much! I had tunnel vision with the whole TTW topic, that I only searched in the TWW threads instead of going back to the TTGP Ultimate Guide again, period. I have a long way to go on the boards, but I'm learning, and you gals are here for me and everyone else too!  Again, thank you so much and big hugs from the Midwest! :blush: 
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  • @izza2 Thanks for your input, definitely helps for future reference! 
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  • I agree, definitely not a thread to be embarrassed about (or that needs to be deleted)! 
    Me: 30 DH: 32 ~~ TTC #1: Sep 2015 ~~ BFP: Mar 2016 ~~ Daughter: Nov 2016
    TTC #2: April 2018 ~~ BFP: May 2018 ~~ EDD: January 2019

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