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Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnancy immediately after MC (loss mentioned)

Hey ladies. On Jan 5 I completed a natural MC at 6 weeks. The last few days, I've been feeling very pregnant again, and my dog is behaving the exact same way he did when I was pregnant before. I'm TERRIFIED (and totally thrilled) that I may be pregnant again, but it's too soon to test.  DH offered to pick up some dollar store tests, but I'd probably pee on them all in one day hahaha. This is completely against doctors orders, she stressed to wait until my next period to try again, but we had a birth control failure right around the time I'd be ovulating... I guess my question is did anyone else conceive immediately following a MC? And is everything OK? I heard you had a higher chance of loss immediatly following.

I'm like 75% sure... tender boobs, morning sickness, smell sensitivity, constantly cold, exhausted always (though i could just be winding up for a really bad period). I'm trying so hard to wait another week to test... but it's so hard! I want to pee on all the sticks!!

Sorry for the long rambly post. I'm just super nervous and hoping that someone else has gone through this before.

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    If I remember correctly I think only 5% of women experiences two losses in a row and only 1% experiences three or more. My sister had a loss and then got pregnant right after. She now has a beautiful baby boy that's almost 5 months  :)

    ETA I'm truly sorry for your loss. I've had three losses myself. And as other pp said your cycles can be a bit wonky after mc too. I've had both a slightly shorter cycle and a longer one after my mc and mmc. Wish you all the best and FX to you!
  • I'm sorry for your loss. I've had three losses, two consecutive when we first started trying. My second mc was a missed mc at 12 weeks. I had a d&c after that and was pregnant with my first rainbow baby two weeks later. Probably not recommended but it turned out fine for us. He's a perfectly healthy 4 year old and the pregnancy was textbook. 
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  • A lot of women get pregnancy symptoms in the first few cycles following a loss. So it could go either way. 

    I've read about lots of women that have healthy pregnancies right after a loss (particularly an early, natural loss), so if you are pregnant, try to relax and enjoy it. Good luck!
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  • Thanks ladies. The wonky cycle is why I'm waiting another week to test, it just wouldn't be good for me to get POAS fever and I would NOT be able to limit myself to once a week. Once that first test was a BFP I kept taking the tests to see that line get darker and then inexplicably kept doing it after the MC until it went away completely. I'm stick crazy.

     But I am so happy to hear that a healthy pregnancy after a loss is possible... I really hope that in a week I get to join this board! If DH didn't think I was crazy this last month, he sure will for the next week... time to go reorganize all the cabinets or something to keep myself distracted.
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  • I had 2 losses in a row and then found out 5 weeks later I was expecting again. I had zero symptoms. Only tested because AF hadn't shown up and if and when I was pregnant I had to start meds immediately (MTHFR). I'm currently 19w3d. Sorry for your loss. 
  • I had a loss in October at 6 weeks and literally two weeks later I was pregnant again. So far everything is going in a positive direction i'm almost 15 weeks and healthy baby growing. We didn't want to wait another cycle as the kids age difference will be about 3.5 years but our dr was ok with this. I've just had a few more ultrasounds/blood work than normal to make sure everything is ok and it is.

    Best of luck! It's still scary getting pregnant so quick after a loss.
  • I'm sorry for your loss.  If not this cycle hopefully it'll happen for you next.  Do you have any updates for us?
  • Somebody just posted their "rainbow baby birth" story further up the page. She got preg immediately after a MC.
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  • Sorry for your loss. I also found myself pregnant in the heels of a MC, I hadn't even gotten my cycle back. It made for a VERY anxious first 8 weeks but everything went just fine. My daughter was born full term super healthy & is now 13 mo old & still a fantasticly healthy kid!! I don't know if you are religious or believe in God, but I believe he works in mysterious ways at times & I will very much keep you in my prayers! 

    Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy, best of luck to you! 
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    I had a mmc last may that resulted in a d&c. No period and got a bfp a month later almost to the day. I am holding my healthy rainbow baby now. Super stressful early on, but everything turned out great in the end.
  • Pee on all the sticks! This sounds like me! I had a natural MC that ended on Jan. 2nd. Well, a few weeks later, I got the stomach flu and after that I've felt terrible since. Sick feeling all day, headaches, super tired. I thought I was just stressed out but it finally clicked that I might be pregnant again (even though DH and I were taking preventative measures, obviously not well enough. ;) ) Anyway, I took a test Friday morning and it said "pregnant." I'm guessing I'm between 4-6 weeks. I have a midwife appointment tomorrow so hopefully they'll help me figure everything out!

    Also, I know the stomach flu has no correlation, I basically just thought I was still feeling the effects of that until my BFP.

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  • Hello.
    I got pregnant about 5 weeks after my natural
    MC & am now 28 + weeks. 
    Take your prenatal vitamins each day & stay positive xxx
  • She posted this over 3 weeks ago and she said she'd test in a week, so I'm sure she knows by now.  She hasn't posted anywhere since January, though.
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