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Do I have anything to worry about?

Hi ladies!

I am exactly 7 weeks pregnant today. I went in for my ultrasound on Tuesday expecting to be at least 9 weeks along because of my LMP (November 24th). However, the baby was measuring at 6w3d. It had a heartbeat of 122. No one seemed concerned and I don't think I'll be getting another ultrasound until the 2nd trimester.

I am just so confused! 

I came off birth control in September but had two regular 21 dayish cycles before missing my period in December. Could being just off birth control mess up when I conceived? Has this happened to anyone else? Just want some piece of mind and you ladies are great. 

Thank you!

Re: Do I have anything to worry about?

  • You are only a few days shy of your original date. Conception can be anywhere from 6-12 days typically. A late conception would likely be the difference. LMP is only a rough indicator of how far along you are. Just as pregnancy isn't exactly 40 weeks but an indicator. With the information at hand it sounds like nothing to be concerned about. Enjoy being pregnant.

  • Ur going to be just fine I'm praying for you hun.... !!!
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    Did you ask your OB? If you in reality got pregnant mid December then your baby should be measuring farther ahead. How long since you got your BFP? 

    There is a chance your ovulated later than you are thinking (I'm assuming you were not temping) and you were having a longer cycle so it is possible that you are 7 weeks pregnant, but I definitely think that the discussion needs to happen with your OB if you haven't brought it up yet. 

    Also, since you just came off birth control, there is not real "normal length" of your cycle. The fact that you had two 21 day cycles doesn't mean that the rest of your cycles were going to be 21 days. Most likely they were NOT going to be. 

    ETA words.
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