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Not feeling pregnant

I am 8w today and my boobs are no longer swollen or ache . and all I feel is bloated. Half the time I forget I'm pregnant till my back starts hurting. I dont even have morning sickness. Is this normal? Has anybody else had this happen?I go in to see my Dr Monday for my first prenatal appt. 

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  • @smoos2012 I don't feel a lot of the pregnancy symptoms that others do either. I didn't feel nauseous at all until yesterday when I had my first bout of MS and even threw up! But I feel fine today, lol. I am going to embrace feeling well since yesterday sucked. Anyways, I have my first OB appointment on Monday too. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
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  • Yea!!! I thought I was in the boat alone with no symptoms (except for sore boobs)!!!   This is my first and my first appointment is on Monday. 
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    I'm cool with board patrol.  OP may not be aware of either of the facts KimmySchmidt mentioned. And ultimately it eliminates future ss posts.

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  • You may have some other symptoms that just aren't as obvious as ms.  For example, I have very dry skin and I'm pretty cold most of the time.  My sinuses are swollen and I have the "pregnancy cold".  How about headaches?  Or food aversions?  My energy is usually pretty good during the day but I'm ready for bed by 8pm.  These are all pregnancy symptoms, too, just not as dramatic as ms.
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