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Saturday Check In- 1/30

How far along are you? EDD?

How are you feeling? 

Doing anything baby related today?



GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list?

DH: 35 | Me: 29
BFP #1- 07.25.12, EDD: 03.24.13, DD born 03.26.13
Surprised BFP #2- 02.25.15, EDD: 10/29/15 |*m/c 7w4d, D&C 04.02.2015 
BFP #3- 01.21.16, EDD: 09.29.26 |*m/c-blighted ovum 2.19.16 8w1d, D&C 03.04.16 
BFP #4- 05.24.16, EDD: 02.04.17 |*natural m/c-  07.08.16, 9w1d
BFP #5- 09/25/16, EDD: 06.07.17 GROW

Re: Saturday Check In- 1/30

  • No one wants to play so I guess I'll start lol

    How far along are you? EDD? 5w2d- 9/29

    How are you feeling? Good, just tired.

    Doing anything baby related today? Nope. 

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: I went to dinner with my co-workers last night, one of our teachers is retiring, and it was a fun little surprise for her. It was trickier than I thought to pretend to drink wine.

    Questions? None.

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list? I've always wanted to go to Bora Bora or go on a backpacking trip through Europe. 

    DH: 35 | Me: 29
    BFP #1- 07.25.12, EDD: 03.24.13, DD born 03.26.13
    Surprised BFP #2- 02.25.15, EDD: 10/29/15 |*m/c 7w4d, D&C 04.02.2015 
    BFP #3- 01.21.16, EDD: 09.29.26 |*m/c-blighted ovum 2.19.16 8w1d, D&C 03.04.16 
    BFP #4- 05.24.16, EDD: 02.04.17 |*natural m/c-  07.08.16, 9w1d
    BFP #5- 09/25/16, EDD: 06.07.17 GROW
    , BABY, GROW! 

  • How far along are you? EDD? 5 weeks 4 days.

    How are you feeling? Pretty good so far. I've been extremely fatigued and nauseous in the evenings.

    Doing anything baby related today? I ordered DS a big brother shirt. We aren't telling anyone until after our first scan 2/12 but it's so cute and I'm excited so I couldn't wait to order it.

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: It sucks not knowing if you are hungry, full or nauseous.  

    Questions? Are there other Mama's that are going to be trying for a VBAC? I haven't made a decision yet, but the last time I met with my doctor, she said I would be a good candidate.

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list? I would love to go to Europe someday! I would also love to finish my novel that I've been working on fooorever.
  • 7 weeks today!

    Much better, nausea has subsided a LOT and now it's very minimal. 

    This is my first pregnancy so I am constantly WORRIED! thinking every second "is this normal?"

    My complaints are that I am lonely bc my husband is away at a wrestling tournament. He is the head varsity coach. Good thing I have my dog!

  • jessieereddiajessieereddia
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    How far along are you? EDD? 6 weeks, 5 days! EDD is 9/20

    How are you feeling? 
    Oddly enough, I feel pretty motivated today! Most days I'm so exhausted, but I've been up since 8:00 and have already done laundry and cleaned the house. I'm even planning on taking a nice 20 minute walk to get some exercise in! 

    Doing anything baby related today? 
    I've been obsessing over these photos that photographers take of live births that I keep finding online, and I'm starting to consider having one with me while I'm in labor too. I know it's still quite a bit of months away, but I've been having a lot of fun thinking of what "my birth plan" might look like. 

    We want to announce our pregnancy on social media on Valentine's Day so I've been frantically trying to come up with a list and a plan for telling all of our family members first. Ah, I just wish everyone could know already! Or I could hire somebody to tell them for me. So many relatives, so little time!

    A few days ago, I asked if anybody had any tips or information on how to get the most out of your insurance for prenatal/maternity costs. Or how to help cover some of the costs for things that the insurance doesn't cover. I'm already stressing out about how little I know about our coverage and I already know that only one ultrasound will be covered for the entire pregnancy. I never got an answer so I'm determined to keep asking until at least one person can give me some sort of idea or peace of mind, haha.  

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list?
    oh, gosh. My bucket list goes on forever. But a few of my favorite ones are: see the Northern lights, publish a book, attempt a Man vs Food challenge, go skinny dippping, meet all of the Disney princesses, and eat a meal that makes me cry!

  • How far along are you? EDD?    9 weeks today

    How are you feeling?  Exhausted 

    Doing anything baby related today? Nothing today.

    Raves/Rants/Randoms:  All I want to do is sleep. I don't remember being this tired this early on in my first pregnancy. I'm just always exhausted. And these boobs.....I feel like they'll never stop growing. 

    Questions? Nope

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list? Visiting Greece, New Years Eve in NYC, Mardi Gras, 4th of July in DC.
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  • How far along? 8w4d

    Feeling? Not so good today. I woke up with a migraine and it's getting worse instead of better. I'm really hoping it goes soon. I hate wasting a Saturday in bed. More importantly, I want to be able to go out to dinner with my husband tonight to celebrate our anniversary.

    Rants/Raves/Randoms: I get sucked in to watching cookie decorating videos. They keep popping up on Facebook and I'm enthralled. Kind of like how my daughter is with the chocolate surprise egg lady on You Tube.

    No questions

    GTKY: I don't really have one, but this got me thinking and a lot revolves around travel. I want to take my girls to Disney (I have never been). I, too, want to go to Bora Bora. I had two friends take honeymoons there and everything looked and sounded amazing. I want to find a career/job that I love to do. I want to live in Downtown Chicago even if it's when we are retired. And now after watching those cookie videos, I want to learn how to decorate like
    bfp: 09.22.10   m/c 11.05.10 @ 10w5d
    bfp: 10.02.12  m/c 11.05.12 @ 9w3d
    bfp: 05.15.15  m/c 06.25.15 @ 9w6d
    bfp: 09.22.15  m/c 10.20.15 @ 8w1d

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  • @Yailani23 I have a friend who backpacked through Europe and she loved it!!

    @MoshiMoshi7 waiting is the hardest! My first scan isn’t until 2/22 and it seems so far away!

    @Ah825 this is also my first and I am also worried/anxious most of the time

    @jessieereddia I have seen many of the live birth photos and love them!

    @UnwritteN12 I like your bucket list!

    @LizC216 happy anniversary!!!


    How far along are you? EDD? 5+3, 9/28

    How are you feeling? Hungry and slightly tender boobs, but other than that pretty good. I had to POAS this morning to make myself feel better

    Doing anything baby related today? Might research car seats and other things

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: After days of it being a sensitive subject I think DH and I have finally agreed on when we are going to announce to family. We are waiting to tell them until after the first u/s which is 2/22. The problem is my parents leave for Vegas on the 29th for a month and his parents are expecting puppies 3/1 and don’t’ really want people at the house. I think we finally decided to go the weekend before my parents leave and just meet his parent somewhere for dinner while we are home.

    Questions? Not today

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list? I don’t really have a bucket list but I do want to visit every state in the US

    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

  • @LizC216 Happy anniversary to you and your DH! How special to have many reasons to celebrate this year (: 
  • How far along are you? EDD? 6w2d. 9/22

    How are you feeling? BLOATED BLOATED BLOATED. .. emotional and tired

    Doing anything baby related today? Nope . Still trying to grasp that there is something growing inside me

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: I cry over everything.  

    Questions? How did your so take the news?  How did you take the bfp news?  I was speechless thought I'd be the over joyed stoked person. .. He was also stunned. .. Thought he would be much more happy. .. we both just are in such disbelief

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list?
  • I backpacked through Europe in college. Best experience of my life. 
    Married 6/4/11
    Reese born 3/23/13
    Due 9/14/16

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  • How far along are you? EDD? 7w6d. 9/11

    How are you feeling? Tired. 

    Doing anything baby related today? Watching the business of being born

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: I don't know what I did yesterday but I hurt my neck and my shoulders. I had an awful night's sleep and I'm exhausted 

    Questions? Anyone ever get pretty bad cramps after sex? Yesterday was the first time since bfp and it was really intense but then I had some really painful cramps for about 3 hours and of course I was super worried until the cramps went away

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list? Cruise to Alaska so see the northern lights. See an Olympic event live. Go to the Holi festival in India. 

  • How far along are you? EDD? 8w3d; 9/7

    How are you feeling? Thought I was good then I threw up my when I ate lunch. Actually kind of happy since I'd had a scare Thurs night. Shoulder pain turned out to be a bruise, whoops. 

    Doing anything baby related today? Nope

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: DH took DD to a museum this morning. I've gotten to relax and it's amazing!

    Questions? Can we start ticker changes on Monday? 

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list?  Move close to the mountains (probably CO)

  • @marikkita12 Yes, cramps after sex/orgasm appear to be normal as I had a whole convo with others in a TMI Tuesday thread. :) Mine stopped after 6 weeks so hopefully yours won't last too long. It is definitely weird, right?!

    How far along are you? 7+2 EDD? 9/15

    How are you feeling? Good but I puked yesterday for the first time (at work)! I had the worst day feeling nauseous but I didn't get a chance to post.  It was a welcomed feeling only because I hadn't been experiencing ANY MS up until that point. What sucked was that I had my company holiday party at night though.

    Doing anything baby related today? Bumping and maybe reading some of the 11 pregnancy books I bought. *blush*

    Raves/Rants/ Randoms: So last night was my company holiday party. I was dreading it because I didn't feel cute in my dress and I was battling my first day of MS. I am SO glad I paid to have my hair and make-up done though! They made me look like a million bucks and it was just the boost I needed to talk myself into going. When we got there, the base was so intense from the music (our CEO rented out a night club at a hotel) so I was feeling quite queasy from it. However once people started arriving I was able to distract myself enough and started feeling better. We even managed to arrange it with the bartenders to only make me virgin drinks but put in cocktail glasses so people wouldn't know it. The food was AMAZING (as well as the desserts) and my DH got me dancing and in a good mood. I was so proud of myself for going and making the best of it. It is not easy when everyone is drinking up at an open bar but I just really savored the food part. Haha.

    Questions? None so far, thanks! :)

    GTKY: What are some things on your bucket list? Well since my DH took me to see AC/DC last year (so fun!!) what's left is a trip to Italy so I can partake in the eat part of Eat, Pray, Love. :) I would also enjoy a trip to Scotland since I am Scottish. Smaller trips include Austin and NY since I have never been and I am hoping we can knock one of those out before the baby arrives.

    Married: 3/21/15
    First time mom to a human but have been a puppy mamma for over 12 years :)

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  • How far along are you? EDD? 5w3d

    How are you feeling? Mostly good, but I have been having mood swings lately and occasional nausea 

    Doing anything baby related today? No

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: telling my parents about the baby tomorrow. We wanted to wait until after first scan but it's still 3 weeks away. I am nervous because my mom said a few months back she was in "no hurry for grandkids". I hope they are excited!

    Questions? Is anyone planning to do one of those gender prediction kits where they analyze a blood sample for Y chromosome? It would be for fun, but it seems some of them have really good reviews for being right 

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list? Travel to Italy and meet my family there, write a book
  • @MoshiMoshi7 ;  I stopped by Children’s Place yesterday and saw two Big Sis shirts for DD but was so hesitant to buy them. Also, my doctor is pro-vbac, while I’m not too thrilled about the idea, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing either for this pregnancy.

    @Ah825- I’m glad you’re feeling much better. It’s normal to have all the worries during the pregnancy. You are not alone.

    @jessieereddia- I’ve been brainstorming ideas for Valentine’s Day too. I want to do something special for my mother in law who gets so excited for new grandchildren.

    @Unwritten12- We are in the same boat on the sleeping. I can fall asleep anywhere.

    @LizC216 Happy anniversary! I hope you feel better and enjoy your night with your husband. I’m also thinking of taking DD to Disney.

    @AmMcc12- I have been POAS for a couple days now. It’s reassuring seeing the dark line. I’m making these companies rich

    @RDHunt2014- My DH didn’t want to get excited because of our previous loss. I was excited to see the two lines but cautious. We are slowly but surely talking about life with two children and trying to let our guard down.

    @backoffunicorn- I think sticker changes are supposed to begin Monday.  

    DH: 35 | Me: 29
    BFP #1- 07.25.12, EDD: 03.24.13, DD born 03.26.13
    Surprised BFP #2- 02.25.15, EDD: 10/29/15 |*m/c 7w4d, D&C 04.02.2015 
    BFP #3- 01.21.16, EDD: 09.29.26 |*m/c-blighted ovum 2.19.16 8w1d, D&C 03.04.16 
    BFP #4- 05.24.16, EDD: 02.04.17 |*natural m/c-  07.08.16, 9w1d
    BFP #5- 09/25/16, EDD: 06.07.17 GROW
    , BABY, GROW! 

  • @Yailani23 I am POAS every week, but I have used up all my Wondfos and only have a FRER and CB Digi left, so I may have to stop this addiction..
    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

  • @AmMcc12 I need to stop as well, but I still have a FRER, a Walmart cheapie and the CB digi with weeks estimator. Personally I prefer to see lines vs pregnant, only because I can make sure lines are still dark. I'm crazy, I know.

    DH: 35 | Me: 29
    BFP #1- 07.25.12, EDD: 03.24.13, DD born 03.26.13
    Surprised BFP #2- 02.25.15, EDD: 10/29/15 |*m/c 7w4d, D&C 04.02.2015 
    BFP #3- 01.21.16, EDD: 09.29.26 |*m/c-blighted ovum 2.19.16 8w1d, D&C 03.04.16 
    BFP #4- 05.24.16, EDD: 02.04.17 |*natural m/c-  07.08.16, 9w1d
    BFP #5- 09/25/16, EDD: 06.07.17 GROW
    , BABY, GROW! 

  • How far along are you? EDD? 8w1d 9/9

    How are you feeling? Still nauseous and so constantly exhausted. I woke up to pee every hour last night so I'm even more tired than usual. 

    Doing anything baby related today? Prenatal bloodwork! 

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: Got out of the house today to run some errands and it hasn't been great. I hate feeling nauseous everywhere I go. DH and I stopped at a yummy little Italian place that I'd never been to before and it was amazing! That yummy lasagna was just what I needed. Aside from that, I've been a little worried because I've had cloudy urine about once a day for a little over a week. I don't know if it could be normal but I'm getting tested for a UTI, which I really hope I don't have. 

    Questions? No.

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list? I want to travel, a lot. I want to go to Alaska, Australia, a few countries in Europe and would love to buy a little villa in Italy when we're older.
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  • @AmMcc12 I'm still intermittently testing too.  After my cp it makes me feel good to see the dark lines.  I have two frers and a cb advanced digital left. All I want is to see the 3+! 
    #1 born 8/21/14, #2 & 3 (identical) due 9/27/16

  • @Yailani23 I found a few cute ideas for Valentines Day announcements on Pinterest! Maybe one of them will inspire you (: 

  • How far along are you? EDD? 8 wks, 5 days,  9/5/16

    How are you feeling? ok today, been very constipated for the last week....not good.  been drinking prune juice which is enough to make me want to yak and taking stool softeners too.  I got some different anti nausea meds that seem to be working better than the other ones, so hopefully i'll be able to get more veggies and things in vs my carb only diet of grilled cheese and saltines and cup of noodles!! Can't seem to shake the tired feeling today and slight headache.  I slept for about 9 hours last night and felt like I could have stayed in bed all day really. 

    Doing anything baby related today? Nothing today but yesterday was our first appointment and we had the US done!  The tech that did it was awesome and funny and sweet and my husband couldn't stop staring at the screen with the biggest smile on his face.  We also got to hear the heartbeat yesterday, 171.  Everything is going well with where we are supposed to be up to this point, so that is reassuring. Also, sounds like at my next appointment we could possibly find out the sex from the blood work.  I think we are planning on waiting until the 20 week US for sure, but technology and science are truly amazing at how advanced they have become.

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: Is it 2/26 yet?  that's the date of our next appointment!! just waiting and wondering if I should tell the people I'll be working for sooner than later.  I have been training for a new position at work and it was on a temporary basis to see if I was a good fit for the department.  So far things have been going well I think, they are going on a trip in April and have told me to buy plane tickets for the trip and my DH can come along too.  So I'm thinking I have got the job based on all that, which is great.  However this dept has been through ALOT of transition in the last 8 months and i'm feeling very guilty over the pregnancy and that i'll be needing maternity leave.  I feel like I need to at least tell the dept head when he comes back from vacation next week before I go buying plane tickets.  I know I don't have to tell them but I just feel like it would be the right thing to do.  Would love some insight or thoughts on this!


    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list?  I would love to go to Europe and see so many different things over there, travel across the US in a nice RV because there are many things I want to see here too. 
  • @MNturnsVA If it were me, I would wait to tell your employer about being pregnant until after you have officially been offered the job. Since it sounds like things are going well and you can still fly in April, I don't see why how telling them you are pregnant now would impact that. Yes, you will need maternity leave later in the year, but don't give them a reason to not offer you the position now. Good luck to you!
    Married: 3/21/15
    First time mom to a human but have been a puppy mamma for over 12 years :)

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  • @AlwaysAuntNeverMom I've been having cloudy urine as well. I just looked it up and it's most likely to be caused by hormone changes in the first trimester. Just don't forget to mention it to your doc and monitor it in the coming months! Hope it "clears" up!
    Me:35, DH 37  ~ Married July 2014
    ttc July 2015 ~ bfp Nov 2015 (cp)
    bfp Dec 2015 ~ (tfmr 17wk, March 2016, genetic disease)
    ttcal May 2016
  • How far along are you? EDD?
    8 weeks, 1 day. 9/9

    How are you feeling? 
    Tired and unmotivated--which is really hard for me bc I'm usually a go getter. I am trying to take it in stride and go easy on myself.

    Doing anything baby related today?
    I babysat for some friends with my DH. That was fun.

    I have been craving anything with cheese powder-- Cheetos, Mac and Cheese, cheddar rice cakes. Weird.

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list?
    Have a baby! :-) Also, go to Venice. Learn one more language. I already speak English and Spanish
  • Yailani23 Bora Bora sounds amazing right now. I’d love a warm vacation and don’t want to go anywhere in this hemisphere right now due to Zika

    @MoshiMoshi7, you summed up how I feel so well I showed DH your post. Not knowing if I’m hungry, full or nauseous (and sometimes being all three at the same time) is getting old

    Ah825 Most things are normal. Try not to worry too much. I know how difficult it can be, I have had 3 losses so the fear is real for me. Chances are everything will be fine and you’ll have a happy, healthy baby soon.

    jessieereddia I’m Canadian, so I don’t pretend to know much about American insurance, but my husband and his whole family are American. It seems to me that everyone’s health insurance coverage is different which is why you may not be getting a lot of answers. My MIL speaks with her doctor and her insurance company directly about maximizing insurance. She also reads the entire policy to find out what she’s entitled to.

    UnwritteN12  the exhaustion is real. I’m only 8 weeks but so tired all the team. 

    LizC216 Happy anniversary!!

    AmMcc12 Congrats on deciding how to tell your family. 

    RDHUNT2014 DH and I were also more stunned than excited this time around. Having said that, this baby is very very planned and wanted!

    marikkita12 cramps after sex can be very normal. If they go away and there’s no bleeding, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    blondie080300 I’m glad you enjoyed your holiday party! Sounds like it was a lot of fun :)

    Thscary Those blood sample tests can be fun but be careful. Some of the women on my last BMB had trouble with the companies losing/destroying their samples and then they had trouble getting refunds.

    @alwaysauntnevermom I hope you don’t have a UTI too!!

    MNturnsVA Personally, I would wait until the position was secure before I told my boss. It’s very common to wait until the end of the first trimester so if you do wait to tell, I’d wait until the 2nd trimester. You don’t owe them the information and you don’t want to be passed over because of that (not that they’d give you that as a reason). Don’t feel guilty for putting your family first!

    MrsStroh86 Be good to yourself and take it easy. The exhaustion is real.

    How far along are you? EDD? 7w6d EDD Sept. 11

    How are you feeling? Alright, dealing with nausea most of the day but haven’t thrown up yet. Also tired. Going to bed by 9 or 10 is the only way to survive.

    Doing anything baby related today? I saw my ND today. She’s been the only medical professional to take me seriously and try to treat my recurrent miscarriages. If this is my rainbow baby, I will be convinced it’s all thanks to her.

    Raves/Rants/Randoms: I was taking a nap when DH got home yesterday and he didn’t give me a kiss or do anything to let me know he was home (he didn’t want to wake me). When I woke up and realized how late it was I freaked out. Found him in the living room and burst into tears. I think he’s finally understanding the hormones are real.

    Questions? Not today.

    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list? I’d love to take a cross-Canada trip by train. I hear it’s a beautiful trip and you can get a pass that allows you to get on and off and visit places on the way. I’d also love a tour of Asia, Thailand, Laos, China, Japan.

    Me: 30 | DH: 32
    Together since 2008 | Married 2012
    TTC #1 October 2014
    BFP #1 October 2014 | CP #1 October 2014
    BFP #2 November 2014 | CP #2 December 2014
    BFP #3 June 2015 | MMC at 16 weeks September 2015
    BFP #4 January 2016 | EDD September 12, 2016 | Baby Ducks born September 5, 2016

  • How far along are you? EDD? 7w 0d 9/17

    How are you feeling? Blah.. Sore boobs, tired and nauseous! 

    Doing anything baby related today? Nope

    Raves/Rants/Randoms:  I just want someone to clean my house so I can sit/sleep on the couch! 


    GTKY:  What are some things on your bucket list? Make it to Hawaii or a Disney Cruise 
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  • @ducks6 and @blondie080300- thanks for the input ladies.  I don't feel guilty for putting my family first, I just feel like I want to be honest with my future employers because of what they have been through in the last 8 months or so and that my honesty now may pay off vs waiting till I'm in the 2nd tri and "surprising" them with this news.  I know its kind of backwards thinking on my end but I've been so torn over this whole thing ever since we got our BFP.  but I am also terrified if I do tell them now, that they will find another reason to not offer me the position because obviously using the pregnancy would be discrimination.  And, in some ways I feel if I tell them, they can't really turn me down for the position or it would still look like discrimination.  My neighbor does HR stuff so I think i'm going to talk to her this afternoon about what my rights are and their rights are regardless of when I tell them.  I also have strong concerns about being able to pump as much as I'd want to  while in this new position.  I have to be very aware of my time and what's going on around me in the office and there are some afternoons that the only time I get for "me" is to go to the bathroom.  So I'm not sure that I'd be able to pump as often as I'd need too in the new position once I get back to work.  I hate to turn down an opportunity for something like that, but its a big concern to me.  If my afternoons are super busy, I won't be able to take a 20 minute break because there won't be time.
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