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Childcare Question for STM+ Moms

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All along I thought I would keep my 2.5 year old DS home with my during my maternity leave. If I take the full 12 weeks of leave that will save thousands on daycare. However this past week was my first week home with the baby and DS was out of control. He is nonstop energy, defiant, and refuses his afternoon nap. I am exhaused and i had my husband's help all week. Next week i will be doing it on my own. I know this is probably a phase of acting out with the new baby but now I am wondering if keeping DS in his normal daycare routine might be better for him. With the snow we are cooped up inside and I am still recovering from c section while trying to nurse the baby and getting little sleep. So I guess my question is what are you all doing with your older siblings while you are home on maternity leave?

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  • My older DD is in daycare part time. Our daycare requires them to stay 2 days a week to hold the spot. I felt it was important to keep her in so that she had a chance to be with her friends and out of the house. It also gives baby and me some one on one time like I had with DD1.  Our daycare is super cheap so it was never a matter of money which is a nice relief.
  • We are leaving our daughter in daycare. It is part of her routine, she learns so much and gets food and socialization so to me it is worth the cost. My daughter hasn't been acting out but during recovery it's just difficult to handle a toddler and a newborn. Plus I figure I'll be able to bond and establish a routine with this baby much like I did with our first. It also gives me a bit of a break if I do need to do any doctor appointments, errands etc. much easier with one in tow than two! 
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  • My 22 month old is continuing daycare . Eventually I will keep him home probably 2 days s week, but I didn't want to mess with his routine much since new any is already such a change. Also I am exhausted so napping when the newborn naps is necessary 
  • My 3 year old is in daycare any my first graders is in before and after school care. When I had my second I still kept the other in daycare. I had 12 weeks alone with each. Yes the money part sucks but I think they each deserve their alone time with me.
  • I kept my 22 month old at daycare part time to keep a routine and give new baby one on one time with me. Working well for all of us 
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