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Constantly fussy baby

My baby is 5 weeks old and she is constantly fussy. She is crying when she spits up and wakes up crying and doesn't sleep hardly at all. I'm wandering if this is reflux has anyone else had a similar situation?

Re: Constantly fussy baby

  • My little girl has silent relux and found this out by 1, smelling vomit on her breath a while after she had eaten 2, she would swallow a lot when she wasn't drinking 3, fussiness around feed time and 4, sick a couple of hours after feeding. I went to the docs and they prescribed her infant gaviscon which worked for the reflux but gave her awful constipation so she is now on cow and gate reflux formula which seems to have worked really well. I would advise going to the doctors if your worried
  • It could be reflux I really don't have experience with that so definitely check with the pedi but I do know that around five weeks babies hit their first major developmental leap which can cause the "3 C's" crankiness crying and clinginess. 
    We dealt with a huge increase in fussiness at 5 weeks and had periods of crying similar to colic and DD refused to be put down. 
    She would,and still does, cry and act hungry when she's really just overtired so I end up over feeding and causing her to spit up and continue crying until I give her a pacifier and rock her to sleep. 
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  • So babies breath should smell like yogurt but with reflux it smells sour/ like vomit due to milk curdling in the stomach and then the acid comes up. For DD she was throwing up ounces a time after eating- a 1/3 to a 1/2. Now she's on meds and much happier. We leave her propped up for a half hour. That being said she was still colic for 11 or so weeks so it alleviated *some* fussiness. Past that, it's survival. Five S's, white noise, bouncing on a yoga ball. Hang in there, Good luck!
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