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Pregnancy is...

- Staring longingly at people with glasses of red wine in front of them at the restaurant
- Coming up with multiple stories that you corroborate with your partner on why you aren't drinking with friends
- Planning for naps during the day after just waking up
- Wanting to go to sleep at 7 p.m.
- Becoming an expert at all things nausea related (Gin Gins and Lemonheads!)

What do you have to add?

Re: Pregnancy is...

  • -developing a secret hatred for Tyra Banks and her new surrogate baby boy she's doting on. No nipple pain or postpartum hormones. I know she's been through the wringer with TTC, but man am I jealous! 
  • Ditto on concocting reasons why I'm not drinking! Worst of all is all our friends/coworkers/family asking when we're going to have another...I hate lying to them all!
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    "Planning for naps during the day after just waking up"

    ^^^^^^^ YES. Hell, I take naps after just waking up. I eat breakfast then go lay back down and I'm out for a couple more hours. I'll snag a nap anytime I can get it. 
  • Throwing up in public, forgetting to put on socks, crying because of a paper towel commercial 
  • right now at least, pregnancy is.....

    ....  a really difficult cult secret to keep
    ..... Constantly asking myself how I'm going to handle things down the road, and then constantly reminding myself to slow down and cross that bridge later.
    .... Wondering "am I really sick or is this just pregnancy?"

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  • ...constant balance of cautiousness and excitement

    ....waiting for the next appt to make sure you're on track 

    ...reminder you have no control and might as well get use to it 
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  • - wondering how the little one is doing in there constantly
    - hoping and praying that he or she sticks around
    - wondering if your tastes in food the first trimester will end up being their taste in food later in life
    - waiting for the day when you can finally embrace them in your arms and not just through hugging your belly
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  • ... exhaustion!!!
    ... an obsession that I literally cannot stop thinking about (hey it's my first, it's allowed... right?)
    ... a learning experience
    ... a way to make me feel a bit like a science experiment
    ... so, so painful for my poor boobs!
    ... surreal!

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  • -frequently wondering "what's that terrible smell?"
    - eating a burger and fries to "fight nausea". 
    - waking up I the middle of the night too pee, have bouts of nausea, and then eat crackers. 
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  • @KarenBeth714 ; Yes!!! I can smell EVERYTHING! That is what triggered my first experience with MS yesterday. All of the awful darn smells! >:(

    Pregnancy is...
    -agonizing to keep secret
    -not what I expected it to be for the first time
    -awesome to give me an excuse to get out of things that DH wants to do (like gamble in a smokey casino at 11:30pm when I am exhausted and bored after my company holiday party last night- thank God there were no table games in the non-smoking section). :)
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  • Pregnancy is hard. 
  • - being hungry for everything I see but not having an appetite at all when it's actually time to eat.
    -being over emotional
    -having to pee every 15 minutes. I swear I am going to lose my mind over this. 
    -wanting to tell everyone now, but waiting because I've experienced 2 recent losses. 
  • When you "fat pants" are snug
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    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

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