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Ladies totally tmi but I'm pretty sure I'm 7 weeks (waiting for health insurance to process) I'm having creamy white bumpy discharge no smell no burning no itch. Is this normal?!?!?

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  • To go even further into TMI, what do you mean by bumpy? I have had sooo much creamy (lotion like) discharge since becoming pregnant.  I actually have to wear a panty liner or else my undies are damp.  Excess creamy CM/discharge is actually one of the early signs you are pregnant. 

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  • Hi... if by "bumpy" you mean your vagina, yes I had a lot creamy discharge with both pregnancies. =)
    With the first one I also had to wear panty liner since about 8 weeks...  ;)
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  • I love that this post is here as this just happened to me.  The creamy has been happening all pregnancy but today it's been overboard and a lot.   It's totally normal though....just weird.
  • I have it! Not bumpy tho. I get it more when I work out. Weird!
  • I have had a lot of this discharge since finding out I was pregnant. Never 'bumpy' though. Just wear a panty liner and keep an eye on it. Lol
  • If it is bumpy like pieces of wet toilet paper, I had that for one day and it was before I knew I was pregnant. I Googled it and received all kinds of responses but there was a medical one that indicated it is a sign of pregnancy (something to do with the uterine lining). Anyways, I had that in the back of my mind and hoped it was pregnancy related and sure enough, I soon found out I was pregnant! It only lasted for one day though and since then, I just get the creamy discharge that others have mentioned. Good luck!
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