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Nesting! Help!

Ok so I know they say you usually nest before birth but my hormones have me all over the place! Literally! I can't stop cleaning! I was under my daughters bed last night cleaning under it and I look up and there is my DH. He looks down at me and says "uh Hunny are you nesting?" I laughed at him but then I woke up this morning and cleaned for 4 hours straight! I feel like a crazy person but it feels great. I know many of you mommies are to tired to even think about cleaning but fatigue only really bothers in late afternoon. I've been getting up at 5:30 for no reason full all this damn energy. Anybody got the urge yet???

Re: Nesting! Help!

  • Yes! I wake up every morning between 6 and 630 and clean non stop until lunch time. I've been doing a lot of deep cleaning and organizing these last couple of weeks. By the time this baby comes my house should be spic and span! 
  • @lovelylauren86 your list just gave me a tiny "O" 

  • AnnaS930AnnaS930
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    @lovelylauren86 I read that first thinking that was food for the baby to eat and thought damn!!!
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  • RedMar said:
    @lovelylauren86 your list just gave me a tiny "O" 

    AnnaS930 said:
    @lovelylauren86 I read that first thinking that was food for the baby to eat and thought damn!!!
    H has literally 0 cooking knowledge I plan on only heating stuff up in the oven or boiling some pasta for at least the first 2 months. I'm sure I'll get used to it but cooking with a2.5 year old and a new born scares me. 
  • If anyone of you want to come clean my house I would be happy to make you breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert as a thanks!!
  • If you lived close I would jump on it!!

  • These are all things I was doing as fast as I could for about a week and then my body just quit. I'm lucky if I can stay out of bed for more than 3 hours at a time now.
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