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Concerning blood test... Not sure what to make of it...

hi friends!  I believe I'm 5 weeks and 6 days...  I took a blood test yesterday - my HCG levels were ok at 1844.  My progesterone is only 8, my doctor would have like to see at least a 14.  She wants me to start progesterone ASAP.  Does anyone have personal experience with this? Can this be a viable pregnancy?

Re: Concerning blood test... Not sure what to make of it...

  • Can I search for this on an iPhone?
  • I've had multiple prior issues with progesterone levels tanking and the result being an end (I was not put on anything for those). I'm now on vag suppository twice a day after ovulation until the end of the first trimester. Now I've made it to my third longest pg being 5w5d. They stopped testing my progesterone because even if it tanks I'm inserting enough to support it. I will give you this advice if you are on suppositories - get panty liners! Tmi: sneezing, laughing, or anything that puts a little pressure on you can cause an orange discharge mess. Sneezing is my nemesis! 
  • Very good advice!  Do you know if my numbers are super low?  Does progesterone usually work?  Oy...  This is all super new to me!  I wish you the absolute best! Also, I'm on 1 suppository a day - 8%.  I hope that's enough?
  • Are there reasons not to do progesterone?
  • For me if I don't use progesterone I will lose the baby so the benefits outweigh the risk hands down. I think the numbers depend on your provider because I was on medicated cycles (clomid) so he wanted mine higher. Now it will not increase your blood levels because it's being absorbed at the source and not going through the liver to be distributed through the blood. So if you have more labs and it's not increasing don't worry about it.
  • Your levels are low. My OB likes to see them at 15. That said, with my first pregnancy, my levels were at 7.8 (had a blood test due to spotting) and after taking progesterone suppositories until 13 weeks, it resulted in a healthy, full term baby girl. This pregnancy they were at 8.8, and we saw a healthy baby on an u/s yesterday.

    The suppositories suck, but they are well worth it, imo.

  • Your story is inspiring!  Any reason a woman would decide not to take progesterone?
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    Progesterone is a hormone you need to sustain pregnancy (and it plays a key part in menstruation). The only reason I've ever heard of someone not wanting to take it or prescribe it is the belief that it doesn't actually help. The thought process there is that the progesterone is low because the pregnancy is unviable. However, I have a hard time agree with that since I had very low progesterone and clearly a viable pregnancy  (as I have a 16 month old to prove it). Can I say that I would have lost the pregnancy if I hadn't taken it? No. But I'd rather have not taken the chance.

    ETA: If you are concerned, I'd discuss it with your midwife. I can tell you my personal story and opinion, but at the end of the day I am by no means a medical professional. 

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