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Pregnancy + Mental Illness Check-In

How's everyone doing? Any updates? Struggles? Victories?


I'm feeling much better. Therapy has helped tremendously over the past couple of weeks. My therapist also got me in to see a psych. who specializes in biofeedback. So she's going to teach me ways to calm myself down when I'm having physical anxiety symptoms. I don't know a ton about it, but I know they hook me up to monitors so I can see my heart rate, breathing, etc. I'm hoping that will just be another tool I can use when I can't take the medication I normally would.

For the first couple of weeks I was struggling so much with this pregnancy. We planned and tried for it, but when my anxiety and depression skyrocketed, all I could think was "I don't want to be pregnant anymore." Now that I've worked through that period, and am feeling better, I can say I am so incredibly excited to be pregnant. Nervous, but excited about adding to our family. The ultrasound this week sealed the deal for me. :)

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Re: Pregnancy + Mental Illness Check-In

  • Just wanted to let you know you're not alone with the anxiety struggles. I've been on and off meds dealing with it for a few years now. On a low dose of meds for now and I'm 8 weeks along. Both OB and psych are ok with it and I continue to use all the methods I've learned in therapy as well. Best of luck!
  • Struggles: I only get to see my therapist once every two months and I've been looking forward to seeing her (and did this past Monday). 

    Victories: She's given me some techniques to effectively manage anxiety through my pregnancy. 

    My acupuncturist has helped loads with anxiety and nausea control. 

    I'm finally starting to get excited about my pregnancy and the anxiety is not getting in the way for once. 

    My my mood swings are more manageable with my anxiety techniques and I discuss things with my husband now instead of blow up on him. 

    I think I'm strongly in the victorious column for now!
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  • I'm glad this post is here. I currently take 10mg of celexa. I used to take 40 so my doctor is happy I've tapered down and supports me staying on it. I have severe depression and tried to get was awful. Mental health is SO real! 
  • It is! People think pregnancy = happy. It doesn't always. Doesn't mean we don't have good moments, but there are hard ones too. :)

    Evelyn (3.24.10), Graham (5.30.13) & Miles (8.28.16)
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