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High Blood Pressure, off to L&D

For the third time in 2 weeks I am off to L&D due to high blood pressure.  In the doctors office it's super high, and as soon as I'm hooked up to the machines in L&D blood pressure is perfect.   Baby's vitals fine, sporadic BH contractions here and there, but overall everything is fine once I'm actually in the hospital... is anyone else having this same experience??

Re: High Blood Pressure, off to L&D

  • Yup! Blood pressure is even normal when I check it at the grocery store and Target. All blood work and everything comes back just fine. My doctor said we might have to deliver before 40 weeks (if the baby isn't ready by then) because she doesn't want anything weird happening with my blood pressure. 
  • Yes! Last 3 appointments it was high, so this last appt. the doctor sent me over to L&D and after 4 hours, I was sent home because everything stabilized. Doctor is inducing me at 39+3 which is this coming Monday! 
  • My BP was doing something similar. Being induced Monday as well at 37 weeks
  • That kept happening to me too. It always went back down until this last time.. I wound up having her early due to gestational hypertension. Just watch it and make sure you report and signs necessary to your doctor. Don't take any headache too lightly!
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