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Weird feeling when you pee?

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This is my third pregnancy, and I don't remember having this with my previous two... Does anyone have a weird feeling 'down there?' Not really a PAIN or burn or anything, but just feels uncomfortable?  When you pee and even when you're not peeing?  Does this make sense?  lol  I've never had a UTI, so I can't compare it to that...but it doesn't really hurt, just feels plain weird and uncomfortable? Is this just the baby pushing down?


  • You should get a urine test to check for a UTI just to be safe. I had one and didn't even know it. And I've had plenty of them pre-pregnancy and it felt totally different. It was like what you described. Just uncomfortable, not really burning or hurting. 
    Or maybe your baby is dropping and just sitting on your bladder?? 
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  • I agree it's good to rule out a UTI, but this baby does funny things to my bladder, too. Hopefully it's just a weird pregnancy sensation!
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  • I've gotten weird feelings down there that I always assumed was UTI's. Come to find out it was caused by dehydration (pre-pregnancy), and I wasn't drinking nearly enough. Definitely mention it to your doctor and have them check a urine sample, but also make sure you're drinking enough!
  • I am feeling extremely uncomfortable down there today...however, it's baby head butting my bladder. I've had to pee at least 10 times since I got home from work...I consider it a welcome to the home stretch!!
  •  I felt like this for a day or two last week. Was pretty sure that it was the position of the baby but was tested for a UTI - came back negative. A day or so later it felt like he shifted positions a bit and the discomfort went away!
  • It felt really weird for me and when I went to my doctor's appt I mentioned it to her and she checked me.. I was 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced with my water slightly bulging, so there was a lot of really strange pressure! 
  • Sometimes it feels like an ache to me or just that my lady parts are swollen that day. It's a relief to pee but I also sort of grunt too haha! There is a lot of pressure down there. Think of the extra weight! 
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  • I've felt a little different when I pee lately. I know it's not a UTI because they test for it every week at my appt. I think it's just because there is so much pressure and more blood. Things just aren't coming out the same.

  • I feel a little achy and a ton of pressure. There and in my butt. I'm ready for this baby to come out now lol!
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  • My vagina is swollen and sore today. I really don't believe it's a UTI because peeing is not uncomfortable. Wiping is! I think it's the extra weight and pressure now that the baby dropped. Will definitely check in with the midwife, but are not alone in weirdness down there! 
  • It seems like every time I stand my vagina falls out a little.

  • I get a weird feeling after I pee's nothing like a uti, I just assumed it was his head settling back down after my bladder emptied..ftm so I don't know for sure, but it kinda feels like a lot of pressure when I stand back up 
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