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Question about why they induce

I was told at an appt, and at a walk in appt back in December, that I would be brought in at 39 weeks for labor and the likes for this pregnancy and I'm wondering why. I know it would make more sense to ask my doctor but I didn't think about it and was wondering if any of you lovely ladies knew why. My son Isaac was stillborn at 32 weeks and I was told that when a woman has a stillborn that that's what they do but yeah. Lol I plan on asking my doctor but I won't see her until the 8th. Thank you so much for any help.

(sorry for slight rambling pregnancy brain and allergies are my worst enemy and if I don't comment back I apologize, not used to the app.)

Re: Question about why they induce

  • My doctor is doing this as well. I have had two previous losses and she will deliver me a week early. I am not sure of the exact reason, but I know they grade the placenta from 0-3. As you get closer to 40 weeks the placenta ages and doesn't do its job as well as it did in the beginning. My doc said she was going to deliver me a week early just to be safe. So maybe that's why? If you ask your doctor, let me know
  • Will do! I've got my next appt on the 8th so I will let you know what she tells me. My mom and dad were wondering and my mom was all like "you realize that inducing raises the chances of a c section" which if it does it'll suck because I'd rather do vaginal birth. But yeah. Will definitely let you know! :smile: 
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    I was induced with my daughter and it was ok. She was born vaginally. You will be fine  :)
  • "Everything" raises the chances of c-sections. 

    I was worried about being induced before I actually had a baby, then I was like, yeah, being induced wouldn't have been much different because they gave me Pictocin anyway. It probably would have been faster, honestly. And I probably would have gotten an epidural sooner. 

    I do think it's weird they'd induce though. But I don't think it'll be so bad. Wishing you hope and luck!

    (omg I accidentally typed "hope and lick." Gross. No. There will be no licking!)
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  • Lol thank you ladies. I'm so sorry that I'm getting back to you all like two weeks after I talked to my doctor about it. She said that if anything bad happens during labor and delivery it's easier to help both baby AND mom. She also mentioned that there have been a few studies about how it is even better, if complications happen, for babies to be born at 36 weeks. So yeah. They don't do it for anything bad, just for in case if something happens and she said that c-sections do not happen because of induction. I could be induced and have a normal vaginal birth unless things like cord issues or the baby being breached happens. You know things that happen during a normal pregnancy.
  • I'm glad I saw this post, I just found out it was recommended that I be induced no later than 39 weeks if there were no other complications. I am going to speak with the MFM today about it but this helps me understand why a little bit.
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  • I was also told that I would be induced at 39 weeks. I had an appointment with a MFM after my loss in the fall and he's the one who told me that. I think I remember him saying it was because of the placenta. I don't have an appointment with my OB for a few more weeks but I'll talk to her more about it.


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