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Hospital bags

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I read this article tonight & thought it was interesting to see what "necessities" women around the world pack in their hospital bags. Certainly puts things into perspective & makes me appreciate how lucky I am!

ETA: I really hope the link works! Apologies if it doesn't!
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Re: Hospital bags

  • That was really interesting. It makes the argument DH and I got into the other night seem so silly. He was trying to convince me that the hospital doesn't provide any onesies while you're staying and I was telling him that they wouldn't just leave the baby naked. It's sad that some women don't even have clean sheets or running water during delivery
  • I haven't read the article yet, just wanted to pop in and say that when my daughter was born she didn't wear any clothes in the hospital. She just wore a diaper and was swaddled/wrapped in a blanket the whole time. I only put clothes on her when it was time to go home (we were in the hospital for 2 days).
  • Very humbling for sure. Makes me really appreciate the every day luxuries we take for granted as moms and moms-to-be.

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    In both places I have delivered each hospital put the baby in a tshirt and diaper. To be honest I don't remember packing a bag the second time around she was in a swaddling blanket and diaper and tshirt pretty much the whole time until we went home. I think H brought a footie to the hospital to pick us up. I have a few things that I am bringing this time but not planning on a lot of stuff. Mostly because I won't end up using it.
  • This really puts things into perspective. I was annoyed last night while packing my hospital bag that I didn't have another lip balm that I can pack now (I keep one in my purse) and was bitching that I had to stop at Walgreens today to pick up another one. 

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  • I really enjoyed this article... it makes you realize how good you have it in your country and thankful for access to clean water and advanced facilities. 

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  • Wow. I just finished packing my bag yesterday now that I'm 37 weeks. I feel I probably overpacked. I even went to Target to get another Wet Brush to keep in my bag, along with travel sized face wash, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner. It certainly puts things in perspective. It seems like there's enough to worry about without the thought of contaminated water. I feel pretty lucky. 
  • I think most of the hospitals here in the Twin Cities use those Swaddle Me sleep sacks for the new babies. The nurses and doctors can just easily unzip them to do their assessments, and then wrap them back up again, nice and cozy. 
  • @Vkrosa & @silverwood .. I'm thinking I've overpacked as well! I'm 38 weeks today & have only packed baby's bag. Might go through & cull a few things.

    Glad you all enjoyed the article
  • Definitely puts things in perspective!!  Still, as a FTM not knowing what to expect I'm not making any changes to my bags, even though I'm sure I over packed...  Baby has her own bag packed, fiance and I are sharing a bag, and he has a giant bag of snacks packed.... better safe than sorry! 
  • Thanks for sharing! Here I've been worried about which nursing gown/robe combo to pack, picking my most comfortable pillow, and making sure I have enough blankets to take one home for my dog to smell. Meanwhile, women in other countries have to bring their own lighting, bed sheets, and buckets for water. 
  • Wow, I am seriously in awe. Puts everything into perspective. Thank you so much for sharing. Remembering to say a little prayer for all those women across the world now, especially after I was freaking out over if I should bring one or two sets of PJs for myself.

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