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    Sex, OP. It's called sex.
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    Wow!! I thought this group was for people trying to conceive and to share and support one another. Well here I see someone that is trying to do all of the above, and is getting attacked for sharing a motivating comment?! One which I feel is quite accurate. I think a lot of relationships struggle when there is problems while trying to conceive. It would be different if they had put something rude and ignorant, then I could see people voicing their opinions and standing for what you believe. But this person is obviously trying to be positive and helpful, and unfortunately through your struggles, you have found underlying insults. I am sorry that you are having a difficult time in your journey, a lot of us are, but neither you nor I know what this person has been through in their journey and belittling them isn't the right way to go. Maybe they had been trying for years before they were blessed with children, maybe losses, maybe all other children are adopted, surrogates, or step children and they are trying for the first biological child, maybe none of this is true and they have had many easy wonderful pregnancies, that doesn't mean their story should be assumed or that they have any different right to be here and share. If you read something and you don't like it, stop reading it and move on!  

    You must be new here.

    First bold- it IS rude and ignorant. It's possible to be so without meaning to be. It's a slap to the face for people that have been struggling to have just one, making it sound like they just aren't trying enough/not counting their blessings enough. It's exclusionary to people for whom "lovemaking" will never result in a baby. For how terrible we are for assuming that she is rubbing this in our faces, she is assuming that we all have husbands, and that's pretty shitty. I don't see any comments here that are out of line. Sometimes we all need a good flaming when we say something that IS rude and ignorant. 

    Second bold- I seriously doubt that, if this were the case, that they would post something like this. And hey, never struggling doesn't make someone a bad person, but being insensitive to those that have does. 
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