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Charleston, S.C. Babymoon

Looking for some advice. With the Zika virus issues happening now, we just changed our babymoon location from Mexico to Charleston.  We leave next week...  Any advice on places to visit or see? This will be our first time to S.C. Historic things, beaches, spas... open to anything!

Thanks in advance!

Baby girl will be here in April!

Re: Charleston, S.C. Babymoon

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    It's been years since I've been to Charleston, but the historic city center is beautiful! I did a ghost tour (I don't believe in them, but it was still pretty neat to get a taste of some local legends), and an architecture/history tour via carriage the last time I was there, both of which I recommend.  If you're looking to check out beaches, Isle of Palms is a wonderful stop, too.
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    Do some online research and start making your restaurant reservations!  Not because you won't find a table but so that you can maximize your delicious dining experiences.  I'm jealous. :) 
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    Ft. Sumter is also in Charleston, if that's your cup of tea. It's been years since I was there but I do remember that the beautiful historic homes are mostly near the water; some of them do tours, but many are still private residences. It's a lot of walking to see it all, so a carriage ride like @AGK2015 suggested might be the best way to see it. Also, depending on your mood and energy, Savannah would make a great day trip as it is equally beautiful and historic - but it may be too far away.
    For me, the best part of any city is the food, and I plan my activities around the areas that I plan to eat in for that day!
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    I LOVE Charleston. It's where DH and I went on our honeymoon. Be sure to check out the old market - tons of fun local booths set up. Nice shopping on King and Queen Streets. If you wander around the downtown area, you'll find so many cool little shops and pretty places for pictures. 

    For food, Magnolias, SNOBS (Slightly North of Broad) and Hymans are all must-trys, but you'll need reservations at probably all of them. I've also heard great things about High Cotton, but haven't been there myself. My suggestion would be to ask any locals you meet where they would suggest to get food. We did this and found a number of off the beaten path restaurants that were so good, but not packed like the big name ones.

    I think it is worth it to just walk around the market down to the Battery. Tons of beautiful homes and churches all over the place. It's also worth it to get a carriage ride. Fort Sumter is a really cool trip, and the aquarium is right near the ferry dock, so you may be able to make a day out of it.

    If you're willing to do a little driving, I would HIGHLY suggest Magnolia Plantation. It's about 20-30 minutes outside the city, but it is beautiful. Boone Hall Plantation is also gorgeous and is the most photographed home in the US (I think this is where the filmed North and South, but I can't remember). You're also only like 2 hours from Savannah, so you could make a day trip down there, as well, depending on how long your trip is. 
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    My husband and I are going there for our babymoon next week too (Feb 5-8)!!!!  Looking forward to responses!  We're trying to figure out what to do for Superbowl...  we failed to remember :)  We're going to do a harbor tour and go shelling I think- the weather should be decent!  Happy Travels!!!!
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    vtmomin12vtmomin12 member
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    I'm a few hours from Charleston and we go quite frequently. There is lots to do. You definitely want to spend time at the market, King Street, etc. Lots of shopping. As others have mentioned, the food is phenomenal especially if you like seafood! Stay away from tourist traps (Bubba Gumps, AW Shucks, even Hymans IMO). If you're looking for a really nice, fancy dinner try FIG. You will need reservations. Other recommendations are Poogan's Porch, Hominy Grill, Charleston Grill. Out on Sullivan's try Poe's Tavern. For the best breakfast ever head to Isle of Palms and go to Sea Biscuit Cafe. Now, our absolute favorite place to eat in the area is SeeWee Restaurant out in Awendaw (down Hwy 17 past Mount Pleasant). It is in an old gas station and the food is anything but healthy, but AMAZING. 

    It'll be cold for actual beach-going, but Isle of Palms is a great place to park and walk on the beach. We prefer there or Sullivan's, but some people prefer the more eclectic Folly Beach. 

    If you're into history, Fort Sumter and Patriot's Point are great stops. The plantations are also amazing. I haven't done that many, but Boone Hall is a big one.

    Have an amazing time in the great state of SC! :smile: 

    Edited to add: We did the walking pirate tour once and it was super fun! It takes you around downtown and you'll see things you may have otherwise missed. That is, if you're up for walking. Taking a horse drawn carriage is another great way (and a two person tour is romantic).

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    @vtmomin12 I had the same opinion about Hymans before I was forced to go there with a Bachelorette party, but I was pleasantly surprised. Have you been to the take out place that's attached to them? That's where I went for years before ever actually trying to get in. Personally, I'd grab the take out before going back to Hymans, but both have good food, and the full restaurant obviously has a wider menu.
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    @Skcobb I have been there, although admittedly it has been a long time! I didn't think the food was bad by any means, I just don't think it's worth the hype (aka crazy crowds)! :smile: That being said, I don't think it'd be a bad experience! My SIL/BIL live off of King Street so we've also been spoiled with trying lots of local, more off-the-beaten track restaurants. It's hard to go wrong in Charleston!!

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    I second Hominy Grill!!! I went on a girls trip there a year ago and we had a fantastic time! I can't wait to go back.

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    I love Charleston! Absolutely go to the Hominy Grill for brunch. Check out Hall's Chophouse for a really nice steak dinner. Another good dinner spot os Coast. You can spend plenty of time walking on King St for shopping galore.
    And yes go to the Straw Market. Enjoy your trip!
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