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Follicle Size/Monitoring Question w Meds

Hi! I searched this forum and didn't see anything directly related to what I was trying to ask - and this is really only a question for those of you that have gone through monitoring and have used medicine along the same lines as what I am using.

Today is CD 9 and I just wrapped up my Femara (Letrozole) and 2 Gonal-F shots at 37.5 iu. We went in for the u/s to see where we were in size, and I had one at 14 mm and one at 13.8 mm. My question is - is that good? Everything that I have found or read, has had those sizes at later dates in the cycle (like around day 12-13). Basically, I don't want to be stimulating them too fast if that is even a thing or possible. Also, how many eggs do you think would release? Both because of the medication or just 1? I'm waiting on a call back from the doctor to plan the next u/s visit and lab work to check levels, but just thought I'd try and get some feedback from anybody who has gone through similar or has any knowledge that can help. :) thanks y'all!

Re: Follicle Size/Monitoring Question w Meds

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    bsckgb7bsckgb7 member
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    Generally a follicle size of 1.8 is considered mature.  If you are going to trigger, they will likely wait until those are slightly larger.  I believe the general rule is .2mm/day growth.  Did you  have bloodwork?  Bloodwork is the better indicator of how many mature follicles you have (or rather if they have mature eggs in them).  You could very well have 2 mature eggs to be released, or maybe not.   

    ETA:  In previous cycles, I usually had mature follicles (1.8 or greater) on CD8-9 and would O on CD 9-10.  So your sizes are a bit early, but definitely not anything crazy or unheard of.  You may want to check out the IF board.  Lots of ladies there with info about follicle sizes and monitoring.  
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    Thank you! @bsckgb7
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    This cycle I had one that was 2.4 on cd13 and two that were 1.2. I triggered that night and went in for IUI 30 hours later. I think your sizes are great and on pace! If you do a trigger shot both with release, if you ovulate on your own then I'm not sure...Either way, at a rate of .2mm/day and getting them to the ideal size, you're probably looking at triggering on Friday and O-ing on CD13 which is pretty "normal." GL, hope this is your cycle!

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    Thanks so much @cwirth89
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