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Storage and organizing/incorporating baby things

How do you (or plan to) store baby bottles? Do you incorporate them into your existing cupboard among your glasses? Do you have a special place you keep them after washing? Do they stay on the drying rack/dishwasher until use?

Re: Storage and organizing/incorporating baby things

  • Ours had a space in the cupboard, but pretty much lived on the drying rack between uses. They only got fully put away when we were having company or I was washing the drying rack.
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  • We didn't use too many as we EBF (or gave pumped bottles when we were out) for the first 8.5 months. So normally we just washed them right after use and stored them. We kept them in the cupboard with our regular glasses. I don't think that will be an option this go around because that space is now taken over by DD's sippy cups, plates, bowls, snack cups, kid friendly yeah, we'll need to do some rearranging.
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  • Previously we kept them on a drying rack in the cupboard after they were out of the dishwasher. I prefer them put away so there is less of a risk of contamination.  
  • We also didn't use them for quite some time but once we finally did I cleaned out a drawer and dedicated it to all things baby - basically, bottle pieces and snack cups. For me it was easier to have it all separated
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  • We used a drying rack and then a small basket to put nipples and caps

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  • I kept them on the drying rack (I have the cute Boon grass and tree drying rack and it holds SO much) most of the time because I washed and used daily while pumping and sending bottles to daycare.  I did have a shelf in the cabinets that I designated to be the bottle spot, but they never made it there unless we were having company!  
    Not my photo, but this is generally what mine looked like...

  • I plan to FF, but only have a few bottles, like 3 at most. They will likely stay on the drying rack. In my experience, having too many bottles is more of a hassle than anything. 
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  • Like others, during the bottle stage they mostly lived in the sink or on the drying rack at our house.  Once we moved on to sippy cups/plates/bowls, etc, we had a dedicated cupboard and drawer for kid stuff.  And then my husband decided to "re-organize" the kitchen and ruined my perfectly logical organizational system...I still can't find anything.

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  • rebelone said:
    We used a drying rack and then a small basket to put nipples and caps

    This is impressive. 
  • We had the drying rack and then an open metal storage container (similar to the basket size in a previous post) in our pantry that we kept them in when we had guests over or were picking up the kitchen. With all lids/nipples/parts it just seemed like a pain to keep them organized in the cabinets.
  • @rebelone Love the organization!

    Related question:
    Do you need a drying rack AND a sanitizer? We got a bottle sanitizer as a gift since I had it on the registry. If that's not a necessity I could exchange it for a drying rack instead.
  • Are you not supposed to put bottles in the dishwasher?
  • loveymay said:
    Are you not supposed to put bottles in the dishwasher?
    I think you can. They make dishwasher baskets for the nipples and rings. I think though that I will most likely use the dishwasher and then rinse the bottles and pieces in case there is any residual detergent still on the pieces since dishwasher detergent is so harsh, then use the drying rack for drying.
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