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Vaginal pain after baby

Hi! I gave birth last Wednesday the 20th... I have a 4degree tear and have had trouble with BM since. I know that part is common and I am working on the remedies... However, the past 2 days. The left side of "down there" is painful... Literally one spot towards the back: no more blood than normal and in fact the bleeding is decreasing but that spot is painful!! It hurts to walk or sit. I pee standing uo bc it hurts to sit on the toilet... Any suggestions? Could a stitch be infected? Thanks for the advice!!

Re: Vaginal pain after baby

  • I only had a 2nd degree tear and a week out it still hurts when I sit on the toilet. I use a Rubbermaid container (about 8 inches tall) to put my feet up on when I need to have a BM. I also was taking 3 stool softener a day until my bowels were regular again. The other thing I find that helps me is to hold a clean pad with pressure on your vagina while you push, helped me feel like I wasn't going to fall out of my vagina. Once I started going every day again I eased up and am only taking one stool softener a day and will until I have no more pain. I hope that helps!
  • I'm 4wks pp, I still have that "pressure" in my vagina towards the front when I pee and even while I'm in the shower.. Kinda makes me feel like my uterus is about to fall out or something. I plan to discuss it with my OB tmw. I had a 2nd degree tear and something down there (about the middle) bothers me quite frequently- I'm not sure if it's a stitch or the fact I haven't done any "spring" cleaning yet (I tried today and had done discomfort) all of which I plan to bring up to my OB tmw
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  • Thank you!! First timer here and no one really filled me in on this part! I would push my son out 10 times over again but this pain is nuts!! How do I know if something is wrong?? I am gonna take more stool softeners tomorrow.
  • I gave birth last Thursday and had a 3rd degree tear. I had a BM on Saturday but nothing since. My left side towards the back hurts as well. Tonight I finally took a mirror and looked down there. It looks like a bruise of some kind. Mine also hurts when I sit, stand up or walk. I'm trying to keep up with my pain meds and take 3 stool softeners per day.
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  • That sounds exactly like my pain. I applaud you for using a mirror! It feels totally bruised! I just took a dulcalax at the suggestion of my aunt. I'll let ya know how it works. I hate that we are all in pain but makes me feel better knowing I'm not alone.
  • I have one specific spot that feels like a sharp shooting pain. I'm thinking it kind of feels like a stitch is getting pulled when I'm in a certain position. I ice it a lot!
  • For me, after both of my babies I felt sore for a few days, but it got worse for maybe 2 or 3 days, then got better... the pain was to the point of "maybe I should call the doctor" but I waited it out so I didn't look stupid (I know, probably a bad idea) but it went away. I was definitely bruised down there, had a 2nd degree tear this time, multiple internal tears last time, and it was my left side as well both times! It was almost a stabbing pain. At times it felt like the stitches were caught or pulling. Moving/changing positions was awful, walking was uncomfortable, and sitting was the absolute worst.

    I took the motrin and Tylenol 3 with codeine that the hospital gave me, and I used a perineal ice pack that I snagged from the hospital (pretty much a snap and shake instant ice pack-heavenly).
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