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TMI greenish vaginal discharge?

So before i miscarried my last pregnancy i had this burning when i urinated every once in a while and then had this green vaginal discharge. Almost like mucus plug like. I got tested for many different things including a UTI. The test all came back negative. Now with this pregnancy I'm getting the same thing. I guess my question here is. Can it be normal to have burning while urinating every once in a while and then have green mucus discharge? Or should i push my doctor more this time to find what is causing this. I just want this pregnancy to work out. I thought the sono and seeing the heart beat would help. But not really.

Re: TMI greenish vaginal discharge?

  • Did they test your urine in office or send it to the lab? I used to get uti all the time when I was younger. One time I had pain/burning, so my dr tested my urine in office and it was negative. So they sent me home without meds. A week later I went back, they tested again and it was negative. I had so many uti that I knew I had one even though they said I didn't, so I found another doctor. The new dr sent my urine sample to the lab and it was positive. This all happened over a period of three weeks. It had gone on so long I ended up with a kidney infection. It's not normal to feel burning when you pee. If you feel something is wrong push them. You don't want to mess around with anything like that, especially when pregnant. I hope they can figure out what's going on.
  • Last time i tried two different doctors. Both places the uti test was negative. But i will definatly ask again. I don't want to lose this child.
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