Pregnant after a Loss

First BFP after MC. Do you think my numbers look good?

So got my first beta today, and my hcg was 389, and my progesterone was 33. I'm 4wks 2 days, and after my miscarriage in July, I'm paranoid about everything...Could just use a little reassurance that these numbers look good. This is the moment I've been hoping for for months, but now that it's here, I'm terrified.  
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Re: First BFP after MC. Do you think my numbers look good?

  • You can't know if a number looks good until you get a second test within 48-72 hours. There are tables on the web that show normal ranges, which range from very low to very high. It's all about the doubling.
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    I agree with PP unfortunately every pregnancy and everyone's numbers are different.
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