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Postpartum OB visit

So what exactly goes on here and how uncomfortable is it?
I'm still bleeding down there and I have my OB appt tmw, obviously she's going to want to look at my stitches and where I tore but that's going to be awkward.

So, what should I expect?

Re: Postpartum OB visit

  • Your OB will probably check your breasts and vaginal area. Will ask you questions about how you're doing and give you any further instructions. It is a little awkward but I'm sure much less so for them. I just tried to be freshly showered and have a clean pad on to make me feel better.

  • It's probably less awkward than labor when they were sewing you up right? At least that's what I'm telling myself.
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  • I'd imagine it won't be any more awkward then giving birth or when they stitched you up. Or a pap for that matter
  • Gosh I don't even remember getting checked "down there" with my previous babies unless I needed a pap. They push on your tummy to see if your uterus has shrunk appropriately and chat about how you're doing, breastfeeding, PPD, birth control and that's about it.
  • If you had stitches of any amount, then yes they will check you, but again any more award than birth?
  • I guess there was a pressing issue that needed to come out that didn't make giving birth awkward lol i didn't find it awkward at all. Not even the fact I didn't share down there.
    I guess I'm finding it awkward because I'm still bleeding seems a bit weird is all
  • I agree with the bleeding being awkward. I don't care that you delivered my baby and saw it all. I care that I'm now adjusting to motherhood and bleeding for weeks on end and you want to do a vaginal exam. Lol I'm definitely finding it awkward and I haven't even gone to the check up yet!
  • They will probably check how things are healing down there, which is a good thing because if they aren't healing well you want any issues addressed. Your OBs job is to look at vaginas, they do it all day everyday. And it is completely normal to still be bleeding some after giving birth, your OB knows and expects that, don't feel awkward!
  • After my first my ob did check my stitches since I did tear. I have never had my Breasts checked at a postpartum apt after all 3 of my babies. They mostly check my uterus by massaging through my stomach.
  • It's an OBGYN. I don't see how it's awkward at all. My OBGYN, when I had DD1, came over from the clinic to check me before I went home from the hospital. I was checked at my PP appointment. It's their job to do this so I guess I don't see how it's awkward. I'm a nurse so I'm sure that's part of it since we have to do things to people they may find awkward. To us, it's just a body function or us checking a body function.
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