Babies: 6 - 9 Months

Bottle Issues

Hello! My daughter is 9 1/2 months old right now. From an early age in addition to breastfeeding her if I was not around whomever she was with would give her a bottle of pumped milk. My MIL was watching her one day because I had to go into work for half a day and she refused a bottle. My MIL had to bring her back to me because it had been 7 hours since she last ate since she wouldn't take anything. Out of nowhere she has decided she would only nurse but rejects bottles and sippy cups. I have tried different forms of bottles that mimics the breast, different kinds of sippy cups, as well as apple juice or water to see if she will take that and nothing. She does take baby food but I am running into a rut with it because I feel tied down unless I give baby food. It has also transitioned into how she wants to go to bed. We did co-sleeping for a bit and she would just go down, now to go to sleep she wants to nurse and if I leave her bed she will cry and try and nurse more. Any ideas on how to get her to take a bottle or sippy cup? As far as night time goes if I should try a form of CIO our try and get her on a routine to where she can sooth and get comfortable other than nursing throughout the night. 
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