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Show me your shower dresses/outfits!

I am having two out-of-state showers over the next two months, and I am trying to find dresses/outfits for each.  One will be in late-February in Ohio, and one will be in mid-March in Alabama.  It will likely be freezing/snowing in Ohio and cold but probably not snowy in Alabama.  I am a huge sailor, so both showers will have a nautical theme, and I wanted to find shower dresses that were similar colors (navy, white, aqua) or nautical looking, but I need something long-sleeved.  Most of what I am finding are short-sleeved/sleeveless dresses.  I have checked online and in stores at all the usual maternity places (Destination Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, Pink Blush Maternity, etc.), but I keep coming up empty.   

For those of you having winter showers, what are you planing to wear?  Where have you found your long-sleeved shower dresses?

Re: Show me your shower dresses/outfits!

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    This might be a silly question, (and somewhat OT) but does the MTB generally dress up for a shower? I'm totally clueless about that sort of stuff, and have never really paid attention at previous showers I've been to. I was kinda just planning on wearing jeans, nice shirt, and sweater.  
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    swflJD - What about a jean jacket or some kinda of sweater for the dresses you have found?  I actually have on a sleeveless maxi dress today with a jean jacket.  That way you can always take off the jacket/sweater if you get hot.  

    PYLWhammy - Around here, the momma-to-be usually wears a long dress (I'm in Alabama though).  It's comfy and dressy.  
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    I'm wearing this dress in navy. It's gorgeous
    It's not long sleeved but you could style it with a cardigan/jacket etc.

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    @kimey1 That's really pretty!  Where did you find it?
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    @swflJD Thanks! I wore it to my niece's recital and got compliments all day :smile:  I got it at Destination Maternity when they had this huge sale for one day. I think the prices are still reduced but they're more than what I paid. It should be around $69 now. 
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    @swflJD You should shop now - they're having a buy one get one free sale so you could get it at the same price I paid - $30! :smiley: 
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    I got this Pea in the Pod dress on sale last September & wore it to my family/friends shower a few weeks ago & will be wearing it again tomorrow to my work shower. I live in Eastern Washington & had to deal with snow so I just put a long sleeve navy top over it to stay warm.
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