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GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?

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    JamieK1882JamieK1882 member
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    Disclaimer: I was hoping someone else would start this because I blanked on a GTKY question


    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 16

    WAYDTGKU: everything

    R/R/CS: how long after a positive OPK does ovulation usually occur/ and how long does ovulation take? If you look at my chart, my temps are doing nothing. I had EWCM and a positive OPK yesterday, so I was praying for a temp drop today but it went up. I have had cramping yesterday and today, so no idea if my body is in the process of ovulating, or if this is gonna be anovulatory? Honestly at this point I'm discouraged and just want to start a new cycle.

    I will add that due to husband snoring, sometimes I end up moving to the spare bedroom around 2am. I make sure to have at least 3 hours of sleep before temping, but wondering if the different rooms are affecting my temps?

    Honestly, I'm the crazy person SS ovulation. Save me if I ever make it to TWW.

    GTKY: I'm not a huge drinker but I prefer wine to beer. My fav is Riesling. A lot of people are obsessed with that apothic red wine, but I don't get the buzz. For beer, it has to be fruit flavored--I LOVE frambois (sp?) and this raspberry flavored woodchuck

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    edited January 2016
    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 13

    WAYDTGKU: Everything

    R/R/CS: DS has been waking up every night and really messing up my temp. schedule. This morning I had a HUGE temp. rise, but I also drank a lot last night and temped after only 2-2/12 hours sleep. I'm not putting much weight in O having happened already even though its not normal for me to rise that high after drinking. 

    Q: Do you think booze and disrupted sleep would make my temp spike so drastically? I hate not knowing!  :s

    GTKY: What is your alcoholic drink of choice?

    Edited because I can't seem to add my chart properly.
    Edit 2 to add screen shot and a question. 

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    @JamieK1882 I don't know about the OPK question, as thats the only tool I don't utilize. Changing rooms could definitely mess with your temps.. 
    Looking at your chart, if you ignore the temps before CD9 (I usually ignore everything until after period when the temp drops then consider that my cover line), then it looks like you could have ovulated yesterday. Especially if you had positive OPK and EWCM. Like with my chart/temp issues right now, I wouldn't assume that for sure - just the way I personally see your temps.

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    @JamieK1882 I believe ovulation can occur 24-48 hours after a positive opk, but someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Honestly, from someone who routinely ovulates on CD 25-30, day 16 is a little early to worry about an anovulatory cycle. Also remember that you can have multiple surges, along with fertile CM during your cycle, and not everyone gets a temp drop at O. Are there other reasons you might be thinking this cycle is anovulatory?

    Month/Cycle: 6/6

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: temping, CM, CP, and maybe OPKs

    R/R/CS: I started back to temping this morning after taking a break during AF and giving myself through the weekend. Now I'm also back to staring at my chart!

    GTKY: I don't drink much, but I'll take a glass of sweet wine, or a margarita. I don't like beer at all.
                                Me: 26, H: 28
                                Married since 2012
                                TTC #1 since July 2015
                                         Laparoscopy and Endometriosis dx February 2016
                                HSG and SA all clear! September 2016
                                 Testing with RE October 2016
                                                        BFP 11/5/2016 ~ EDD 7/19/2016

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    Xstatic3333Xstatic3333 member
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    ****Question in R/R/CS****

    Month/Cycle: 2/2? (7 temping)

    CD: 4?

    WAYDTGKTFU: Temping, PNVs, green tea

    R/R/CS: I fear I might actually be losing it (small TMI coming).  On Friday, I started bleeding lightly, but since it was enough to use a tampon I marked it as CD 1.  Since then though, I've only been spotting the tiniest bit, very consistently but definitely not  enough for a pad or a tampon.  Usually I just spot for one day before starting my period, so whatever is going on is a deviation from the norm, which I know happens.

    My question, for data recording purposes, is whether you think FF could have been wrong on my O date last month.  I have an 11-12 day LP, and last month I had a second big temp shift on CD 19, which would put me actually due for my period tomorrow or the next day.  What I'm experiencing now would just be some pre-AF spotting, which seems pretty common in other women even if it's not something I've had before.  I just want to make sure I record the right CD 1 so my next chart isn't all messed up.  To answer anticipated questions, I don't really chart CM since I can't ever find any.  Most of the open circles are just around a half hour late, but the O-day temp was very late and I really don't trust it.  If I discard it, O is actually moved earlier, to CD 13.  I've never gotten solid crosshairs, presumably due to the lack of CM.  Think I'll try OPKs this time around.

    GTKY: I love craft beer, particularly Belgian beers.  Yummmmmm.

    EDIT: I am sorry the chart is huge!
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    H4aPartyof5H4aPartyof5 member
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    @JamieK1882, I believe that it's typical to ovulate between 24-36 hours after your first positive OPK. FWIW, per FF, my temp doesn't typically drop on my actual "O" day; it usually drops the day before FF gives me crosshairs.

    Month/Cycle: 6/6

    CD: 15


    R/R/CS: I got another high temp today, so as long as it stays above my theoretical cover line, FF will give me crosshairs tomorrow for either CD13 or CD14.

    GTKY: Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot) is my drink of choice now. In college, I used to like vodka tonics.

    ETA: I'm not sure where I got the 24-36 hours...I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere but not sure where.
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    DH: 36⎹ Me: 36
    Married: Aug. 2005
    DS1: Born Oct. 2012
    DS2: Born Jun. 2014
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    Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD: 10


    R/R/CS: I think our timing should be really good this FW with the weekend getaway booked! So looking forward to it.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? Lately, Prosecco! Sparkling wine is so yummy
    Me: 33 | DH: 34
    TTC #1 Oct 2015
    BFP Mar 26, 2016 - DD born Nov 2016 <3
    TTC #2 since Mar 2017
    DX: MF June 2019, varicocele embolization Jan 2020, good improvement (14 mil, low motility)
    IUI#1 Aug 2020 - BFN
    IVF #1 Dec 2020 (ICSI) - ER, freeze-all - 15 retrieved, 15 mature, 15 fertilized. 4 embryos frozen, all day 5 blasts!
    FET #1 Feb 2021 - BFN
    FET #2 Apr 2021 - BFP 5DP5DT!! Beta #1 13DP5DT (17DPO)  = HcG 1,238. Beta #2 17DP5DT (21DPO) = HcG 8,269

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    Month/Cycle: 7/7

    CD: 19

    WAYDTGKU: pnvs, temping, opks

    R/R/CS: So my opk line was definitely darker than usual but not quite as dark as the control line. I'm hoping to get a positive in the next day or two! I also had a temp dip today.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? Wine... Give me all the wine
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    DiFazette911DiFazette911 member
    edited January 2016
    ETA - question on chart (attached)

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD: 13

    WAYDTGKU: BBT, CM, PNV (and I do mean penis in vagina)

    R/R/CS: question - first month temping and I have one high temp on CD 9 due to DS being up ALL night and couldn't temp at my normal time. I temp'd about 3 hours later, which is what likely caused the spike. Should I throw out this data? Will it mess with my cover line?

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? Depends on the weather. I like craft beer and wine (red for winter, white for summer) and I also enjoy vodka in the summer mixed with grapefruit juice or pineapple juice.
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    Month/Cycle: 14/16

    CD: 8

    WAYDTGKU: Everything

    R/R/CS: Nothing at the moment.. gearing up for FW later this week.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? Beer

    Me 35, DH 37

    Unexplained infertility and TTC since December 2014

    February 2016 - May 2016: 3 IUI's -- all BFN

    August 2016: IVF #1 (Lupron, Gonal F and Menopur) -- 12 retrieved, 9 fertilized, 3 frozen and 1 x day 5 hatching blast transferred -- BFN. Sent remaining 3 embryos for PGS testing -- 2 didn't survive thaw, 1 was abnormal.

    February 2017: IVF #2 (Gonal F, Menopur, and Ganirelix) -- 12 retrieved, 6 fertilized, 3 sent for PGS testing and all were abnormal

    March 2018: IVF #3 (Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix and HGH) -- 14 retrieved, 12 fertilized, 4 sent for PGS testing, and 3 were PGS normal

    May 2018: FET #1 -- BFN

    August 2018: FET #2 -- BFP!!! healthy baby girl born May 2019!!

    July 2020: FET #3 -- embyro did not survive thaw

    September 2020 - IVF #4 (Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix and HGH) -- 1 PGS normal

    October 2020 - FET #4 -- BFN

    January 2021 - IVF #5 (Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix and HGH)  -- 2 PGS normal

    February 2021 - FET #5 - BFP!!! Due 11/6/2021

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    CD:DAY 45...


    R/R/CS: Ok, soooo I know I am being impatient, but just want to know what the recommendation is here if I go over 60 days...should I call my OB? I see a lot of "yes" when this question is asked here, but also some wait it out and your cycle needs time to regulate. I understand all of this, since I just went off BCP it may take a while, but just wanted some input...also, I drank this weekend, so although my temps went up, I believe it to be because of alcohol consumption and taking my temp way later than normal....

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? red wine wine wine wine...i also LOVE a hot toddy on cold days! Bourbon is my only liqour that i really like...well also fresh margaritas in the summer! 
    TTC #1 - December 2015
    Me:31 H:31
    DX: MFI - 1% Morph 
    12/16 -IVF #1 - Antagonist Protocol w/ Lupron trigger
    ER - 11 retrieved- 9 mature - 7 fertilized - 3 sent for PGS on day 5 - No normals (1 XXX Embryo - may use in future)
    3/17 - IVF #2 - Antagonist Protocol w/ HCG trigger
    ER- 13 retrieved - 11 mature - 8 fertilized - 2 sent for PGS on day 5 -2 Normal
    FET #1 - 5/16/17 - BFP! - Beta #1 5/25 - 156 - Beta #2 5/30 - 2562 - Beta #3 6/1 - 5191!

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    Month/Cycle: 9/7

    CD: 10

    WAYDTGKU: ntnp

    R/R/CS: my work called us all in today.....after all the snow over the weekend I really wish they would have given us an extra snow day...or a half day...

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? Oooooo!!! :D #1 would be a nice glass of dry red wine #2 either a long island or cosmo
    Met DH - 9/2003
    Dating - 9/18/2012
    Married - 8/16/2014
    NTNP - 7/2014-5/2015 
    TTC #1 - 5/2015 (CP October @ 4w2d)
    *PCOS/Hypothyroid/Ectopic Kidney/High DHEA-S*
    HSG - All clear, ectopic kidney didn't affect uterus (yay!)
    CT Adrenal Scan - no tumors! :D
    SA - sperm count excellent, 2% Morphology
    March/April IUI scheduled -  surprise BFP w/ help of Progesterone - 3/18/2016
    Beta #1 @ 11dpo - 45.7 #2 @ 14dpo - 163 #3 @ 18dpo - 997 #4 @ 21dpo - 3799 :D
    EDD 12/1 based on O, 11/28 per Ob/Gyn (but he's wrong lol).

    *TEAM BLUE!*

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    Month/Cycle: 3/4

    CD: 10

    WAYDTGKU: Everything

    R/R/CS: Didn't temp during the snow storm because I lived at work and didn't have my BBT. So my chart is way incomplete.... Hoping I can still see a temp shift by O (usually around CD 13-14)

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?
    I'm a mood based drinker. But I'm getting more into wine.
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    Month/Cycle: 3/4

    CD: 3

    WAYDTGKU: Waiting for AF to leave.

    R/R/CS: Well, I finally heard back about the job interview that they were supposed to announce last week. Didn't get the job, but the gave me a consolation project more or less. So I get to do some of the work and training, just without the pay raise and title change.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?

    I like a good pomegranate Patron margarita.
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    After a weekend off (because I try not to Bump too much when DH is actually home and not working), I'll definitely be back on later to respond to everyone!

    Month/Cycle: 5/4 (actually hit month five a few day ago... I guess I was just in denial).

    CD: 17

    WAYDTGKU: PNVs, OPKs, Mucinex, CM, and temping

    R/R/CS: this cold from DH (round 2) is just lingering in the way that I'm exhausted and have some of the more annoying but less severe symptoms still. Of course, I hide this from DH (not that he doesn't have the same), in the hopes of getting more sex in (expecting O this weekend)... Which I've totally attempted to schedule into his calendar this week under "dinner and hanging out." Something tells me he'll crack that code...

    GTKY: if I have to choose just one as an everyday thing, I guess hard cider. But I love to splurge on Bailey's or a good margarita from time to time!
    Me: 30 DH: 32 ~~ TTC #1: Sep 2015 ~~ BFP: Mar 2016 ~~ Daughter: Nov 2016
    TTC #2: April 2018 ~~ BFP: May 2018 ~~ EDD: January 2019

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    @zoey1019 - Sorry you are having such a long cycle. I'm not sure when you should call OB/GYN (I guess it doesn't hurt to go ahead and call?), but I just wanted to give you creepy internet hugs.

    @difazette911 - I would select the disregard box for that temp in FF. That way, the temp isn't gone forever, but it doesn't mess up your cover line.

    @Jamiek1882 - To me, it looks like yesterday might have been your O day. However, I think it might be too early to truly tell. With the positive OPK, you might get a more significant temp spike tomorrow or the next day. I think the time after a positive OPK depends on the test. I know a positive wondfo means O is 24-48 hours away.

    Month/Cycle: 3/3 (1 TTCAL)

    CD: 22

    WAYDTGKU: all the things!

    R/R/CS: Pretty sure I O'ed yesterday. Positive OPK on Friday, temp spike this morning, and holy batman O pains last night. I think I may go ahead and move over to TWW tomorrow if my temp stays up. Love you guys, but I think I've been in the WTO for way too long and I'm too impatient to wait on the three days to confirm.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?  This largely depends on the weather, my mood, and food choice. Lately it has been between red wine and porter beer.  We've also recently discovered this amazing drink with Bailey's, chocolate vodka, and milk. Like a white Russian but even more amazing.

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    thanks @strickland8052 hopefully see you on the TWW soon!  :smile: 
    TTC #1 - December 2015
    Me:31 H:31
    DX: MFI - 1% Morph 
    12/16 -IVF #1 - Antagonist Protocol w/ Lupron trigger
    ER - 11 retrieved- 9 mature - 7 fertilized - 3 sent for PGS on day 5 - No normals (1 XXX Embryo - may use in future)
    3/17 - IVF #2 - Antagonist Protocol w/ HCG trigger
    ER- 13 retrieved - 11 mature - 8 fertilized - 2 sent for PGS on day 5 -2 Normal
    FET #1 - 5/16/17 - BFP! - Beta #1 5/25 - 156 - Beta #2 5/30 - 2562 - Beta #3 6/1 - 5191!

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    @mchrisgarcia-thank you! You gave me so much hope!

    @pretzel2plus1-I was thinking anovulatory only because my cycles are usually 27-29 days, however, this is based on me guessing and things I've read here. No idea honestly as this is my first cycle temping in a long time (since last time we TTC)

    @paturkey-I have been testing OPKs daily, but honestly wasn't sure how to log all of them. I have the hardest time telling if it is darker than the control line. For example, the positive yesterday was in the evening around 6:30pm. I took another this morning, and while the test line was still dark, now it looked slightly less dark than control. I didn't log it as a negative since I wasn't entirely sure, but I feel like yesterday evening was the only true "positive" I've gotten. Also, I've been meaning to ask you--are you from PA?


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    Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD: 1 :(

    WAYDTGKU: Nothing at the moment

    R/R/CS: CD 1...that is all, just hoping my chart doesn't look quite so crazy this month

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?All the wine, I also love a good margarita and most things mixes with vodka
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    atcwagatcwag member
    edited January 2016
    Month/Cycle: 1/1

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: PNV+DHA, temping & charting, sex...although I'm so bad at it. I'm so exhausted once I put DS to bed. I had plans of sex last night...didn't happen.

    R/R/CS: I was excited for 3 days of consistent temps, but I had a big temp increase today for no apparent reason. I even slept really well last night.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? Depends on my mood. Some of my go-tos: Bud Light Lime, Mojito, Moscato...

    ETA: more alcohol

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    edited January 2016
    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD: 6

    WAYDTGKU: bbt and pnv now, starting OPKs this month maybe mucinex and possibly some voodoo magic just to cover my bases

    R/R/CS: well thought AF left yesterday but still had spotting, that's ok though. If you saw my previous rant I'm hopeful that with a longer AF visit my cycle will be more normal this month. I'm just ready to start HIO, something about this time in my cycle I get excited to start trying again, as opposed to CD 1 where I want to curl up in a ball and cry lol. I'm going to try to drink a lot and try this mucinex I heard many people mention to help my cm be a little more friendly ;)

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?
    I don't discriminate! I love it all! Sometimes I get in moods though, especially for a nice craft beer with certain dinners, God I love craft beer!

    *edited for spelling fail
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    CD: 66

    WAYDTGKU: In a holding pattern at the moment. Definitely still in limbo

    R/R/CS: After 9 months off of BC and 4 months after taking progesterone to jump start my cycle, I still haven't had regular AF (I've had one unmedicated cycle in 9 months and now that one's going 66 days). From temping and lack of AF, it has become apparent I am not ovulating. The most my regular GYN could do was Rx the progesterone, so I maxed out on what she was able to offer and she recommended I see a fertility specialist. Went last week and the specialist diagnosed me with PCOS. I was definitely caught off guard and am still processing it. I'm sad, but trying to rally. I know it doesn't mean we can't get KU, but realize it will be more of a challenge than we hoped.

    The specialist was very knowledgeable, so I'm hopeful about her plan. I'm waiting on some blood tests to come back, then we'll do another round of progesterone to kick-start AF, do femara on CD 3-7, then timed intercourse CD 10-16. She'll monitor my follicles via U/S throughout and mentioned doing a trigger shot if she determines I need an extra boost. She'll also test progesterone levels post O to ensure they can maintain a pregnancy if one were to occur.

    And, bonus - my insurance is going to cover a good chunk of this. Silver linings...

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?
    Ketel One with a splash of ginger ale and a lime. Or, an apple martini. Depends on my mood :smile: 
    Me: 31; DH: 31
    NTNP: May 2015
    TTC #1: late August 2015
    PCOS Dx: January 2016, starting Femara Feb 2016
    BFP: 2/29/16 - Happy Leap Day!

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    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD: 16

    WAYDTGKU: PNV, temps, BD EOD, preseed, CM

    R/R/CS: Huge temp dip yesterday, and a ton of ewcm yesterday and this morning. I was kind of irritated because DH couldn't get in the mood yesterday, but luckily this morning he was ready so I'm hoping our timing is good.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?
    Omg @JamieK1882, I was just thinking this morning that we have been out of wine for a wile and I should go pick up some Apothic Red. But I do love a good Reisling as my white wine of choice. Cocktail wise my go to is Vodka Cranberry.

    Me: 32
    DH: 30
    DS: Born 10/21/2011
    Mirena Removal: 11/23/2015 
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    ShinyPenny82ShinyPenny82 member
    edited January 2016
    **question in R/R/CS

    ETA- can't get my chart to stick :(

    Month/Cycle: 8/7

    CD: 11


    R/R/CS: So, I got crosshairs this morning for CD8. The one temp that I'm really unsure of is yesterday's. I hadn't slept well at all and had a few beers the night before. I typically O between CD 18 & 20. So this was a bug surprise. My question.... Would you disregard yesterday's temp?

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? Love the different Sam Adams beers, especially Cold Snap, Porch Rocker, and October fest. My other go to is Absolut Mandarin and Diet Pepsi... And now I think I need a drink!

    Me: 34, DH: 32
    Married: October 2011
    TTC #1: June 2015
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    Month/Cycle: 4/3

    CD: 7

    WAYDTGKU: All of the things.

    R/R/CS: Mondays. Ya know?

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? I don't drink very often, but I do like a glass of red wine here and there! Or Bailey's and coffee.
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    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD:  5

    WAYDTGKU: This cycle I don't want to overthink it so OPK & BBT

    R/R/CS:  Had to take some time away.  It's been a trying last little bit!  What a crazy last cycle it was.  I've never had a cycle longer than 30 days and last cycle was 44 days **TMI** with 13 days of brown spotting leading up to it.  Plus I'm pretty sure I was anovulatory as well.  It definitely warranted a trip to my doc and am now awaiting results on a blood test and pelvic ultrasound.  Hoping to get that today so I can stop thinking about it. 

    GTKY: What is your alcoholic drink of choice?  - Palm Bay, Somersby, Vodka Soda :smile: 
    My Chart

    ME: 28  |  DH: 31
    DATING SINCE: 09/20/08
    MARRIED: 10/26/15
    TTC #1 SINCE: OCT/NOV 2015

    Lilypie Trying to Conceive Event tickers
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    @dogmommy85 Sorry about CD1 :/

    ***Sort of a question in R/R/CS***

    <b>Month/Cycle</b>: 18 temping / 6 ntnp / 3 ttd

    <b>CD</b>: 9

    <b>WAYDTGKU</b>: Started OPK's this cycle, (Wondfos and CBEAdv just to compare), Temping, Charting on paper, CM/CP, PNVs, DHA, Calcium, all the teas, no coffee, stopping aluminum antiperspirant, starting blue mucinex... oh ya, maybe throw a little P at the V at some point.  Lots of chocolate.

    <b>R/R/CS</b>: My cycles vary from 27-30 days, so I hope today was a good day to start the CBEAdv.  The package said use your shortest cycle in the last 6 months, so not sure if that's really 27 or 28, and I had some light pinkish discharge still on CD7 I think, so that would have just been a waste.  Sort of seeing this month as an OPK experiment to see what happens.  So far all negative.

    Temp spiked after AF and is heading down now.  I was thinking I would probably start the Mucinex today after getting a baseline CM reading, and then I'm sort of figuring I can't put too much weight on CM after I start the Mucinex.  So honestly, now I'm just thinking out loud, but maybe I wait to try the mucinex until after this, "experimental," month, bc that way I could be watching the OPK's with regard to my temps and CM without having the mucinex throw things off. <b>Any thoughts on that?</b>

    Also, I decided to try the Soapwalla deodorant cream, even though it's a cream and not a stick form.  I had heard good things about it and was just getting sucked into a vortex of handmade soap and beauty products on etsy until I found another page with reviews that rated it highly and also said is has a 0 EWG score (which is good) as far as potentially problematic ingredients.  Today I see, this lady also did her own trials <b></b> so I might try the Lavilin rollon (available at Amazon), (which again, I just saw on a chatelaine list as well), if I feel like the cream application is not working for me.  It is aluminum and paraben free, looks like, but also looks like it has a lot of ingredients I can't pronounce so... I'm hoping the soapwalla is a winner!

    <b>GTKY</b>: I'm allergic.
    <img title="Image:" src="" alt="">

    <p><span>Me: 32 | DH: 39

    Married: May 30, 2015

    TTC #1 since October 2015

    one adorable malti-poo fur-baby</span>
    ***soon to have a second adorable white German Shepherd fur-pup***
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    Month/Cycle: 2

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: everything.

    R/R/CS: blinking smiley on my opk this morning; I'm also in the irregular sleep group. DS woke up at 4 am for breakfast this morning. Whyyyy

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? I like to mix it up a bit. I've had a side job as a bartender for 13 years so coming up with new drinks is one of my favorite things to do. My go to drink when out is vodka club though lol but I do love a good martini
    DH: 34 | Me: 35
    DS1 9/24/13
    DX Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Factor V Leiden Mutation, Secondary Infertility
    MFI (SA #1
    Count 11mill, Motility: 18%, Morphology: 1%)
    MFI (SA #2Count 7 mill, Motility: 18%, Morphology: 1%)
    AMH .328 
    | FSH 13.2 
    Oct. 2016: Clomid + TI
    IVF: ER 3/1/17; 5 retrieved, 3 mature & fertilized
    Results: 2 PGS normal embryos
    Planned on August 2017 transfer
    Natural BFP 4/3/17,Expecting baby boy via RCS 12/7/17

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    @Ash9614 it sounds like the specialist has a good plan set out, and it's really good you are in the right hands now! Although your diagnosis is not what you were looking for its great that you will be able to get the help you need now, with a professionals insight and careful monitoring you will definitely have a better shot! :) FX for you!
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    @ShinyPenny82 I would just wait it out and see what your temps do. If they fall back down FF with take the cross hairs away anyway. 

    @Zoey1019 I would say definitely call your OB if your go 60 days without AF or BFP. They can give you Provera to jump start your cycle. I don't think there's any use in waiting longer if you don't have to. That's just my opinion though!

    Month/Cycle: 4/3

    CD: 23

    WAYDTGKU: BBT, HIO, Checking CM

    R/R/CS: Temp stayed up today, another couple days of high temps and I'll get cross hairs. Fx!!!

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? Depends on my mood. Usually I go for hard cider or a glass of moscoto. 

    Me: 28 DH: 29
    Married: August 2014
    TTC #1 Since March 2015
    Diagnosed with PCOS March 2016
    SA results normal April 2016
    3 rounds clomid + trigger + TI = BFN
    3 rounds clomid + trigger + IUI = BFN
    Uterine polyp removed July 2017
    Round 1 IVF January 2018

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    Month/Cycle: 6/5

    CD: 20

    WAYDTGKU: all of it

    R/R/CS: My temp is down slightly and I'm feeling much better. I'm hoping the end is here. First week of vacation was me as a hot lazy mess, so I have another week to redeem myself.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice? Give me a creamy stout!
    me . early 30's | h . mid 30's | < 3 . 2013

    ntnp #2 . summer 2018

    *siggy warning*

    ttc#1 . jul 2015
    mmc . mar 2016 | 6w2d
    dx PCOS (non-IR) / subclinical hypothyroidism . summer 2016
    tx metformin, levothyroxine, LP progesterone, femara + trigger + ti . fall/winter 2016
    BFP! . jan 2017
    DD . oct 2017

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    @Xstatic3333   I think you actually O'd CD 19 instead of 15. Your current coverline makes no sense to me because it is only higher than one temp. What happens if you discard a temp from CD 17 or 18? Those might be throwing FF off.

    Month/Cycle: 5/6

    CD: 2

    WAYDTGKU: Temping, waiting for my period to be done

    R/R/CS: **TMI** My period is being really weird so far. Yesterday it was off and on, but still more than spotting, which was odd. Today it was really clotty and normally it is much heavier by now. Is the clottiness something to worry about?

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?
    I really dislike alcohol. If I have to choose something, then mimosas. But almost any drink I try, I think it would taste much better without alcohol in it lol.
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    @DiFazette911 You could tick "discard" for the temp for now, and add it back later. I suspect FF can see through that variation and they suggest leaving things alone, but I've got a couple fever temps this cycle that I plan to keep out.

    @Zoey1019 I'd make an appointment with the doc if I got to 60 days. FX you won't need to.

    @JamieK1882 Haha, nope, not from PA but I'm sure lots of people read my SN that way. It's actually just a mispronounciation of my Hungarian maiden name.

    @dogmommy85 all the wine for you!

    @Ash9614 I'm sorry you got an unexpected diagnosis but I'm glad that you have a great specialist and a plan moving forward. Hugs!

    @ShinyPenny82 I'd leave the temp as is, but ignore the CH and keep HIO if this is such an apparently early O. FF might take them away and I wouldn't want you to be bummed later that you missed your FW.

    @Marley629 4 am? I'm so sorry. 
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    Month/Cycle:  5 (1 after CP)

    CD: 22

    WAYDTGKU:  all the things

    R/R/CS:  DH leaves tomorrow and is going to be gone for the rest of the week. Tonight is our last shot for this week unless O is delayed until the coming weekend or later. I'm really praying I O today or tomorrow, but I don't really have much hope anymore. *sigh* I give up. 

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?  Pimm's Cup! I also really enjoy a proper whiskey sour made with egg white and the works. Whiskey and sour mix is not acceptable. 

    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
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    edited January 2016
    @MissAmeliaPond how could I forget a Pimm's cup!! I LOVE them in the summer!

    @Zoey1019 My two cents, having just come off a 66 day cycle...I made an appt to see my Dr. around day 55, but she couldn't get me in for two weeks, and now I'm kinda glad, since my body got itself into gear! I just hated the idea of "artifically" starting a cycle if I didn't have to. But for sure worth discussing with your doc!
    ETA: if I hadn't started by my Dr. appt I totally would have jump started myself though!
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    Month/Cycle: 10/10

    CD: 15

    WAYDTGKU: all the sciencey things plus some non-sciencey ones

    R/R/CS: trying for ED has been a big failure. Kudos to anyone that can make that happen. We're doing pretty well with eod so hopefully that's enough. Also O seems to be coming a little late. Haven't had my usual temp dip or positive opk yet.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?

    Beer. God I love beer. I gave it up when I started my diet this month and I miss it so much.
    Me: 31 Husby: 36
    Married May 2014
    TTC # 2  Since December 2021
    Baby girl W born 2/2021
    Our journey so far...
    (tw loss & infertility)
    Diagnosis: Poor Egg Quality 
    Working with an RE since March 2016
    2 failed TI cycles
    3 failed IUI cycles

    IVF Feb - April 2017
    23 eggs collected, 20 mature, 14 fertilized with ICSI, 4 day 3 blasts, 3 day 5 blasts, 1 PGS normal
    Transferred 1 PGS normal embryo 4.12.17
    BFP 4.21.17
    MMC due to small gestational sac 6.8.17

    Our adoption journey:
    12.25.18 Agency picked and apps submitted!
    5.1.19 Adoption on hold so we can buy a house! 
    1.1.20 Homestudy process started
    3.14.20 First social worker visit
    5.25.20 Homestudy Approved & Submitted to Agency

    6.1.20 Surprise! Positive pregnancy test!
    Healthy baby girl born 2/10/2021

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    @bcooke314 thanks so, so much for taking a look at my chart. Sorry you're having a confusing AF as well.

    Ditching my CD 18 and/or 19 temps doesn't change the crosshairs. Still, all things considered, I think ovulating later than usual is the most likely scenario for what is going on with me. I'll probably change my false CD1 to spotting in FF and either move back to TWW tomorrow or just sit out the daily threads until AF shows.

    This could be a mixed blessing, as starting AF later will make it less likely for me to be travelling during my next cycle's FW.
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    @Zoey1019 there is still hope. I just had a 55 day cycle, and FF put dotted CH on CD 45. Depending on how long the wait is, I would schedule with my OB and then you can always cancel if AF shows.

    Month/Cycle:  3/2

    CD:  1

    WAYDTGKU:  Just waiting on AF to leave.

    R/R/CS:  I'm probably odd for this but I'm happy AF is here. My last cycle, first PP, was hell on Earth. I couldn't figure anything out, my chart was all over the place, had 5 different sets of CH given and taken away. It is also nice to not feel like i'm in limbo anymore. 

    Rant: My grandfather passed yesterday. While it is hard to think about him not being here, I feel terribly callous about being happy about it. He had dementia really bad for years, and was constantly asking to go so he could be with his parents/siblings/children who are all gone. But, at least he got to meet his Great Grandson before he went.

    GTKY: what is your alcoholic drink of choice?
    Since H converted to being LDS we cut out alcohol. Before we did that, my favorite mixed drink was a Gummy Bear. Favorite bottled drink was Mikes Hard blood orange.

    Formerly known as Kate08young
    August '18 Siggy April Showers:

    Me: 28 H: 24
    Married: 7/22/14
    Baby L: 8/4/2015  August 2015 Moms
    Baby E: 11/18/2016   December 2016 Moms
    TTC #3 08/2017  BFP 11/27/2017. 
    Twin B lost 11/22/2017, Twin A doing well. 

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