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Middle Name Dilema! Help Wanted. Nick Names Too!

My husband and I have irrevocably fallen in love with the name Charlotte. I know it is popular to the max and normally that would bug me but I love it. Two problem are the MN and the NN.

The middle names I like at least a little bit are:
  • Charlotte Ann (My Grandmothers MN)
  • Charlotte Renee (My Mother MN)
  • Charlotte Grace

I would love some other smooth flowing options! <3

I don't really like any of the nick names I can think of. I could be persuaded to like Lottie a little more. I don't like Charlie, Char, Char Char, Charlee (Sharlee). Anyone know of any others that might work?

Re: Middle Name Dilema! Help Wanted. Nick Names Too!

  • I like Charlotte Renee as far as nicknames maybe Lottie ?
  • Lottie.

    I like Renee and Ann best of your middle name options.


    Charlotte Maeve
    Charlotte Jane
    Charlotte Irene
    Charlotte Claire
    Charlotte Marie
    Charlotte Lynn
    Charlotte Pearl
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  • I like Charlotte Renee best! I wouldn't use Grace because it's such a common MN, and like you said, Charlotte is already quite popular on its own.

    As far as NN I wouldn't even worry about it. Honestly I've never really gotten why people would pick nicknames before they even meet their child. You might pick one and find it doesn't even fit her. Just call her Charlotte and a nickname will come naturally. Or maybe you'll just call her Charlotte and there's nothing wrong with that. Not everybody needs a nickname, you know?
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  • Love Charlotte Renee

    I like Lottie and Lettie as nn's

  • Lotta, Arlo, C_ (initials), Etta, Cherry, Carly

    Charlotte Jocelyn (CJ)
    Charlotte Brynn (CB)
    Charlotte Kristine (CK)
    Charlotte Viola (CV)
    Charlotte Winter (C-dub)
    Charlotte Yasmine (Sigh)
  • I like Ann and Renee the best but I love family names for middle names. I had a boss who's daughter's name was Charlotte and they call her Charo. It's different but it's really cute
  • I never see the purpose of nicknaming a 2 syllable name with a 2 syllable nickname. I think Charlotte is lovely and doesn't need a nickname.
  • Charlotte Renee gets my vote, and I really don't think Charlotte needs a nickname.
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  • I vote for Renee as a middle name.

    I have an acquaintance with a daughter named Charlotte that they call Coco, but I think that's what her brother called her b/c he couldn't pronounce Charlotte. I think the best way with nicknames is just to let them happen naturally!
  • Love Charlotte ann. I love the nn Lottie!! Coco is also a cute nn.
  • I love Charlotte Ann. I have a 9 yr old Charlotte Elise, and we've never used a nickname for her. I cringe at Charlie and Lottie just sounds too forced for our Charlotte.

  • I vote Renee for middle name. Second choice Ann. Grace is nice, but overdone IMO. 

    As for nickname, I'd just leave it and see what comes.

    I was given a nickname that starts with a different letter (L) than my given name (A), and it always bothered me... things like signatures, monograms, email addresses, even those stupid facebook "what's your elf name" things, etc I always had to decide if I was going to use my 'real' name or the name that everyone called me. Not a big deal for some, but just something that always annoyed me.
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  • Charlotte Ann is lovely........nn Lottie
  • Charlotte Renee. 
  • We're likely using Charlotte, we liked it before it was cool. We like to think of ourselves as "late to the party hipsters". 

    Im not a fan of Charlotte Grace because Grace is such a common middle name. I had a popular first and middle name (1984 Jennifer here!) and it sucked. Now that I'm married and have a less common last name things are a bit easier.

    The others are lovely.
  • I have a Charlotte Mae and I LOVE it :)
  • My niece is Charlotte Ann and I love her name. She goes by Charlotte and sometimes Charlotte Annie from family. I don't think a nickname is necessary. 
  • I love Lottie for a NN. We almost named our daughter Charlotte and that's what I would have called her.
    It's refreshing you don't hear it often.

    I'd choose either of the family names for middle. Renee is a bit more unique but I'd pick based on which sentiment you'd prefer.
  • I have a Charlotte Adah (Ayduh)! We were about to do Charlotte Grace which is super pretty but I already knew one and didn't want ours to have matching names with her :smile: I wanted to call my girl Lottie but she doesn't suit it! I call her Char (Shar) which she suits well. Charlotte can have a ton of nicknames like you mentioned- I've heard Carly could be one. Apparently Chuck is a nickname for Charles, which my DH's family has come to call her sometimes which really makes me mad. I think they've realized how much that bothers me now though and they startled calling her Chuckles which is cute haha
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