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Clear Blue Fertility Monitor - TTC/Success

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Hi ladies, I created this discussiom for anybody to express their experience that is using cbfm while TTC or those with success stories. I'm sure we all need the reassurance.

Re: Clear Blue Fertility Monitor - TTC/Success

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    jhope1991 said:

    Hi ladies, I created this discussiom for anybody to express their experience that is using cbfm while TTC or those with success stories. I'm sure we all need the reassurance.

    @jhope1991 I was literally just gifted one of these last week and honestly I'm kindof side-eyeing it as a $$$ fertility iSTAT (bedside lab machine). Is there a specific question you have? The search bar popped up a lot of results for might find what you're looking for there. Just as a head's up, I know you mean well with your last sentence, but threads looking for success stories (& reassurance tied to them) don't tend to go over well here.
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    I have some of these but haven't tried them yet. I may be misinterpreting what I've seen here in the past, but I feel like these might cause a lot of confusion for their price. I highly recommend Wondfos, I take them twice a day while WTO and can detect an LH surge that way.

    As for reassurance, I really wish I could help with that, but I can't.
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    Do you mean the digital advanced? If so, I used them. I didn't care for them, and was about to try something else. They are expensive and didn't line up with my O date. Sometimes I would O 4 days after peak, sometimes the day of my peak... very unpredictable for my body. I dI'd however manage to get a BFP. It was not the success of the CBAD though. It was because of temping/charting.
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    I use the monitor, wondfo OPKs, and BBT. At this point I feel that the OPKs are good because they are cheap and you can test multiple times a day (I've actually been able to also track approximately how long my Lh surge is with them). I see the monitor as something more for people who don't want to deal with the inconvenience and frustrations of trying to interpret a graph of temperatures and interpreting the OPKs. That being said, I still use all three, but the monitor gives me less information than I thought it would. I guess the good thing is that it can give you some heads up that you should be ovulating soonish when you start getting the "high" fertility.

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    The advanced ones are a pain in the ass. Not worth it. If you want digital just use the clear blue digital...advanced ones are annoying!
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    I appreciate everyone's advice on it. It did give me a little bit more insight on OPK's in general. I actually bought the advanced fertility monitor for pretty cheap on amazon. We've been trying for 6 years now and I'm just hoping this little techy device will help with predicting my ovulation . If it doesn't than I can always resell it for someone that may benefit from it and try another method.
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    @jhope1991 I used it while ttc my first two and found it very helpful - especially with my second since I definitely would have missed my peak day without using the monitor. That being said - my cycles are pretty regular. I just O at different times so t helped me. Its typically not helpful for people with irregular or cycle lasting over 30 days.

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    Lol a fertility iSTAT! @virginiaham that's hilarious! Every time I see them and think about buying...that's a lot of $$$.
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    @TheBorg7of9  we went to multiple fertility doctors but everyone says that we are both fine and it's the timing in everything. IDK what else to do but I can't go to every doctor in america so they can tells us the same thing. I just figured I give this a shot and see what happens next. By the way ladies, I finally got my 1st high fertility on CD 18. I used so many different OPK's and this is the first one to ever give me good news. YAY!
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