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    joyful08joyful08 member
    edited January 2016
    Eta: **tw: pregnant bridesmaid**

    I wanna put up more pics too! Although I am incredibly jealous of all these gorgeous pictures. My photographer was the worst! I don't have a lot of the wedding photographed.

    Mine was all white a green with big peonies. The bridesmaids were white, green, and a little pink/purple

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    Ok! I'm finally getting around to sharing my own wedding photos. They were on my husbands computer and I had a hard time finding them.... Here's my shoes and a picture of the bridesmaids' bouquets. I'll post a picture of their dresses (that shows more of the purple/green) in TWW Saturday...

    I had to wear flats because of a foot issue and I had the hardest time finding a wedding worthy pair. I loved these though!

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    @PeggyOlsonFTW I wore flats too! We were supposed to get married on the lake at the house in my picture. It had a long wooden bridge and didn't want to fall so I bought flats. Of course the weather was bad so we were married inside.. But the flats were wonderful! I love your embellishment on them!
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    @Ash9614 I had the same shoes in champagne!
    <img title="Image:" src="" alt="" height="258" width="387">
    <img src="" alt="">
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